10 Kitchen Storage Ideas That Organized Persons Swear By
10 Kitchen Storage Ideas That Every Organized Person Swears By
Jun 24, 2016 | By: admin

When it comes to storage for your kitchen, think “functional” over “latest trends”. If yours isn’t a spacious kitchen, then chances are that your kitchen can easily turn into a mess with all the pots and pans lying scattered on the countertop. However, with these simple and innovative storage solutions for kitchen, you can easily organise your kitchen and make it a productive space.

Wall Cabinet for KitchenHere are the List of 10 Storage Ideas That You Can Use in Your Kitchen:

1. Use the Walls

Utilize the vertical space to the most. Install wall-mounted storage systems to hang pot lids, & towels.
2. Install Drawers Under the Sink

This is the easiest solution to increase the storage space. Drawers and cabinets under the sink is a great way to store additional kitchen supplies.

3. Go for Open Shelves

Open shelves on kitchen walls not only look chic but also open up a small kitchen space.  

4. Built-in Cabinets

This is a functional way of saying good bye to kitchen clutter. Install a full-size cabinet fitted with racks, shelves, drawers and baskets. They can store everything – from your last can of beans to kitchen cutlery. And the best thing about these cabinets is – your kitchen necessities will always be within arm’s reach yet out of the way. Check out our product Green Defender  for kitchen cabinets.

5. Hang Kitchen Towels

Do you hang your kitchen towels on the cupboard handle?  Don’t you think it makes the kitchen appear untidy and shabby? You can hang them on slim metal towel bars, which can be easily installed under a cabinet.

6. Install Pot Rail Under the Cabinets

This is a clever way to make the most out of the available space. Pot rails under the wall mounted cabinets give you additional storage space.  

7. Use Baskets

Keep a basket near the sink to store the scrubbing pads and dishwashing solutions. Also, remember – don’t keep potatoes and onions in air tight containers. Keep them in baskets.  

8. Trash Bag Dispenser

Don’t know where to store the trash bags? A trash bag dispenser at one side of your under-sink cabinet is a great way to tame the clutter.

9. Install Tension Rods

Use tension rods to store cutting boards vertically, thus, saving space on the shelves. Keeping a file organizer for holding these cutting boards is yet another creative storage solution.

10. Install Drawer Dividers

This is an innovative way to keep the things in their place. Install dividers in the drawers and cabinets to assign a specific spot for each item you store there.

These ingenious storage ideas will help you add more space to your kitchen and keep it organized.

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