10 Items Every Newlywed Couple Should Have at Home
Aug 24, 2016 | By: admin

Setting up a new shared space can be exciting as well as overwhelming for newlyweds. Here we discuss 10 must-have items that every newlywed couple should have at home.

1. A Bedroom Set
A bedroom set is the most basic and one of the essential components of your household. Along with a good quality bed set, get at least three sets of bed sheets, pillows with pillowcases, a bedspread and blanket. Get additional sets in case you are expecting a frequent visit from relatives and guests.

2. Dining Items
These are one of the most functional items in your household. Buy a stylish dining table. For a soft rustic appeal, choose a dining table made out of plywood Get plates, crockery, glassware and other dining room necessities.


3. Storage Furniture
Storage space is essential for keeping your home de-cluttered. For a functional household, install storage furniture items such as cabinets and shelves. Also, get multi-purpose storage furniture. For instance, install a multi-purpose bed with a built-in cabinet. It’s advisable to buy furniture items made with waterproof plywood. 

4. A Couch and comfort furniture
You need couch and comfort furniture to sit and enjoy quality time with your partner. Get comfortable couches and sofa set for your home. You can buy upholstered couches, bean bags and recliners.

5. Linens
While buying linen, stick to colors and designs that complements each other. You can even match the linens with the color palette of your house.

6. A Toolbox
From fixing a leaking faucet to hanging a photo on the wall, a toolbox is a must-have for every household. This will help you fix anything that needs urgent attention in your new house.

7. Proper Lighting
Light creates the right ambience. Experiment with different forms of lighting. To add a visual effect, install decorative light fixtures and pendants. From lampshades to chandeliers, experiment with a wide range of light sources.

8. Home Appliances
Utility items such as washing machines, microwave, and vacuum cleaners make your life easy. Get these essential items to lessen your burden of doing household chores.

9. Artwork
Decorative artwork turns your house into a more personalized space. It reflects your taste and interests and also, adds a style quotient to your home decor.

10. Toiletries
As a newlywed couple, you’ll always need separate toiletries and towels. You never know, who will drop by your house for a visit. Get soaps, shampoos, towel and other essentials for your bathroom.

Although, there are a number of things that a household requires but these points will give you an idea of the basic items that are a must haves for a household.

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