Veneers vs Laminates - Pick the Best for Wooden Furniture
Wood Veneers vs Laminates - Pick the Best for Interiors
Oct 25, 2022 | By: admin

Choosing home decor can sometimes seem overwhelming with so many options available. In addition, with the rise in innovation in modular furnishings, there are various surface finishes available, making it more difficult to choose. Regarding surface finishes, laminates and veneers are great options for cabinets, closets, and other home furnishings.

The most popular finishes over the years are wood veneers and laminates. Wood veneers are attention-grabbing, naturally made from thin sheets of wood, while the laminates are artificially made from plastic and paper resins, which are pressed together. It lacks a natural feel, whereas veneers give a refined finish to your furniture.


So, if you are confused about what to choose, read this to know why you should opt for veneers over laminates.


What Should You Choose - Veneers or Laminates? 


If you're looking for durable surface materials for your home or office in areas such as living rooms and sitting areas, veneers are ideal for enhancing the beauty of your home décor and showcasing your distinctive decorative pieces.



Veneers are made from exotic species which have a unique and exclusive appearance. But when it comes to laminates, every sheet looks kind of the same. Veneer interior design gives an aesthetic look to your furniture. Laminates are not natural, and you will miss out on the natural variations and actual wood grains. The benefit of the veneer interior design is it can be applied to plywood, giving a classy look just like solid wooden furniture at half its price. 




Timely polishing and proper care can make veneers last longer, while the laminates are the ones where if the top layer is worn out, the whole furniture gets damaged.



Based on its usage and brand, veneer wood furniture can be long-lasting, and durable. It retains moisture more readily because it is made from wood slices and has a particleboard core. It is possible to maintain veneers for up to 15 years when they are adequately cared for; If there is any superficial damage, then it can be refurbished just like a block of wood. So the material can be brought back to its original form after single maintenance.


Sanding, Staining and Painting-

Laminates have a covering of thin transparent sheets that cannot be sanded, stained or painted. And, if we talk about veneer wood furniture, it can be sanded, stained and painted according to your preference. 



Sustainable Option-

If you are looking for an environment-friendly option, go for the wood veneer as it does not contain any chemicals which are harmful to the environment. On the other hand, laminates have toxic materials in their composition and are known to emit VOC’s . A veneer is a more eco-friendly option, which serves as an alternative to laminates. Veneers are made from peeling a tree log, where the smaller pieces are reused ensuring minimum wastage.


Greenply - Making Your Interiors Stand Out From the Rest 


Greenply is one of the best plywood brands in India, which offers top-quality veneers lifting the standard of your interiors and give them an opulent look. When choosing the perfect surface finish for your furniture, it comes down to your personal preference. A more earthy, natural, and sustainable option like veneers will give your home a classic look. 


Make a statement with Wood Crrests, a range of exotic decorative veneers from Greenply. Before you buy veneers online make an informed decision by visiting our website.

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