Natural Wood Veneer Sheets Vs Laminate Sheets
Wood Veneer Sheets Vs Laminate Sheets
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Furniture is the style maker of your home. No matter for what purpose you buy the furniture, it makes your space look complete and lived. Your home is a supposed haven of solace and relaxation, so you need furniture that adds to your overall comfort. Moreover, you want your furniture to express your sense of sophistication and flair.Therefore, in order to elevate the allure of your furniture, you need to furnish it with the best material. Finally after searching and contemplating, you come across two most popular options.  These are a) natural wood veneer sheets and b) laminate sheets. While each of these options have their own unique features, it's important to distinguish between these two.


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Laminate sheets are made when decorative paper and plastic resins are bonded together to offer a better finishing touch to surfaces like tabletops, cupboards, etc. Natural wood veneer sheets, on the other hand, are outsourced from exotic wood species with distinct grain and texture. Depending upon a various set of factors, you can opt for either one of them that suits the requirement of your home.





Laminates are highly durable materials. They are known for withstanding scratches and stains.

Natural Wood Veneers:

Natural wood veneer sheets are susceptible to moisture, scratches, dents, etc. Hence, they are less durable when compared to laminates.


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They come in with a diverse range of colours, patterns, designs, shades and texture. Laminates can be widely classified into distinct categories such as a) texture b) soft c) matte and d) high gloss. You will also come across some digital printers who offer customised  prints on the laminates too.

Natural Wood Veneers:

As a buyer, you will be assured of alternatives available in veneers. Since they are sourced from real solid wood, you will be spoiled with a gamut of choices to choose from. You will find something that matches up to your taste and requirements.





There is often a synthetic vibe associated with the laminates. Since they are usually pre-printed, you cannot find natural variations easily. 

Natural Wood Veneers:

Natural veneers give off a natural look as they are sourced from exotic wood species. Each veneer appears distinct and unique, which makes each sheet look different from the rest. Therefore, every veneer is associated with a timeless and varied look.






Laminates are manufactured when two or more layers are compressed under high pressure to form durable sheets. This is why laminates have the ability to bear heat, moisture, stains, scratches, etc. making them simpler to clean and maintain. 

Natural Wood Veneers:

There is a lot of effort required into long-term maintenance of veneers. Veneer surfaces have to be sanded and repolished consistently to retain their natural look. 





Owing to weather and fire resistant properties, laminates are deemed as the right choice for making kitchen cabinets, laundry rooms, bathroom cupboards, etc. Not only that,  laminates have scratch-resistant properties that makes them ideal for high traffic spaces like offices, waiting rooms, etc.

Natural Wood Veneers:

As we all know that veneers exude a premium and high-end appeal, they are used as surfacing materials for furniture. Best suited for luxurious spaces, you can also utilise them in conference rooms, interiors, etc.


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Greenply: The Perfect Place to Source Exotic Wood Veneers


These days, there has been a noticeable shift towards veneers for embellishing the interior and decorative surfaces. Usually you will find many plywood brands in India that provide veneers. But none matches with the standards of Greenply. 

As one of the leading plywood brands, Greenply is also one of the best veneer design brands in India. It offers veneers in more than 1100+ shades and textures. Not only quality, but they reflect elegance and luxury to the living spaces. Available under Wood Crrests, you can expect an exclusive range of veneers like:



In conclusion if you want something unique that makes you stay in close with nature, then choose natural veneers. On the other hand, laminates can be considered for long-term usage as the designs are very common.

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