Why Choose Best Quality Termite-Proof Plywood For Furniture?
Why You Should Use Termite Proof Plywood To Build Home Furniture
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Can termites destroy plywood flooring or furniture? Short answer - YES! If you have a history of termite infestation in your home or even the locality, then it makes sense to take steps to prevent future infestations. If you are building new furniture with plywood, for instance, it is logical for you to go for termite-proof plywood.




How to Protect Your Furniture from Being Turned into Dust?


Go for Termite-Proof Plywood


Chemically treated plywood can usually resist moisture and fire. The strong bonding between layers of wood ensures high durability and damage resistance. Best quality plywood for furniture available by Greenply that can resist termite infestation are-
- Green Platinum
- Green Gold
- Green Club 5 Hundred
- Green Club 700
- Green 710


Prevent Contact with Earth


This is pretty much a cardinal sin if you place wooden furniture in your garden or lawn. Make sure the furniture never comes in contact with the soft earth. Place your tables, benches and chairs on a concrete or tiled surface. If you must place posts on the ground to hang clotheslines or set up canopies, build a sealed concrete base around each of them.
However, termite-resistant plywood by Greenply is moisture-resistant that doesn't allow the entry of moisture within the plywood sheets. It keeps your furniture in the right structure for a longer time.




Saves Cost and Time


Take proper measures before termites turn your beautiful furniture into piles of dust. And you don't want to get involved in the time taking processes of removing the termites. It will cost you a lot and in case the furniture gets damaged, the costs that go around in repairing the same is a waste.


Greenply’s Termite Resistant Plywood - An All-In-One Plywood


Just imagine having the perfect termite-resistant plywood, which also comes with the properties of being boiling waterproof and fire-retardant. Greenply's termite-resistant plywood is a good-to-go plywood satisfying all your home decor requirements.


Boiling Water Proof


Our anti-termite plywood comes with resistance to boiling water. Green Gold is the perfect example of boiling waterproof and termite-resistant plywood. Boiling waterproof glue is used to glue together the sheets of the veneer sheets. Choose a boiling waterproof as it is flooded with a lot of properties. 


- The superb glue ensures that the plywood can be exposed to humidity or moisture for a long time without delamination. 
- Because of the use of preservatives in boiling waterproof plywood, it becomes resistant to harmful pests and termites.
- High resistance to boiling water, moisture, dry heat and rough weather and climatic conditions, makes it perfect to use for commercial purposes. 
- Boiling waterproof plywood gets its anti-shrink qualities, maintaining its shape in both dry and wet weather conditions throughout its life.




Fire accidents can occur without even knocking on your door. So prepare beforehand and take the necessary steps to get out of it.


How Can You Safeguard Your Home from Fire Accidents?


Simply by using fire-retardant plywood, you can save yourself from extreme trauma and loss of property. Green Platinum by Greenply is anti-termite plywood and, being treated chemically, has fire-resistant properties. The fire-retardant plywood comes with the following properties-
- Low flammability decreases the chance of the spread of fire, which gives your loved ones enough time to save their precious life.
- Fewer Smoke Emissions ensure that you make it out safely from any fire accidents.




Choose Safety Choose Termite-Proof Plywood


Termites are capable of causing great damage to the furniture pieces that you make with all your heart. Take the proper steps in preventing termite infestation in your home. These insects destroy much more than just your furniture - they also ruin your peace of mind.

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