Veneer is the Best Material for Interior Wood Furniture
Why Wood Veneer is the Best Material for Interior Design
Jun 06, 2022 | By: admin

Wood veneers have been used in furniture design across 200 years. And till today, it is preferred immensely in contemporary interior design. For those who want their home to stand out and reflect elements of uniqueness and individuality, wood veneers are the ideal choice. This is because veneers are sourced out from exotic species as each veneer is  distinct in appearance and shades . Therefore it is difficult to find the same veneer in any other space . Moreover, wood veneers add the elegance  of natural beauty and authenticity to the modern interiors. You can use these fine decorative materials in varied ways to amplify the aesthetics of your home.



Craft Wood Veneered Doors

Veneers impart a high sense of finesse, style and  charm to the doors. Doors with exotic grains and textures set the first impression about the house, the taste of the homeowner and uplifts the look of the home. It's advisable to go for very bold dark shades like Oak or Antique Walnut to create a strong impression.



Carve Out Wood Veneer Furniture

Wood veneer furniture are artistic masterpieces in their own league. Veneers make up for great furniture finishes. When you polish the surfaces of furniture with natural wood veneers, they enhance the overall beauty of the room. And the best part is that veneers can make any furniture become the centre of attention. For example, you can add a sandwood or steamed beech finish and adorn it with exquisite vases or flower pots that can instantly attract eyeballs.



Complement with Decorative Veneers

Natural decorative veneers have the ability to liven up any modest interior. Say, when you balance a dark wood veneer with any white surface, you add depth to the interiors. When you blend it with any other decorative material like marble, glass or steel, you create a very beautiful contrasting look. To give a more personalised look to the interiors, you can apply the veneers in art-installations, customised staircases and even in wooden rugs.

If you are on the lookout for the best natural decorative veneers, then explore Greenply Wood Crrests. Greenply, India’s best plywood brand, takes pride in its rich collection of teak and natural veneers. Under Wood Crrests, the brand offers natural decorative veneers in more than 1100+ designs, patterns and textures,  their collection ranges from natural shades to dark fumed shades to even leatherette texture. These veneers have transcended  craftsmanship and innovation and can convert any space into artistic marvels.



Customise Cabinets

While designing your home, we often leave out cabinets from the elaborate craftsmanship. But that should not be the case. In fact, cabinets can also elevate the interiors. That is if possible if you opt for wood veneers. Custom designed veneer cabinets made with a dyed range of veneers of exotic species like Ash, Oak or even Sucupira  infuses royalty and grandeur into the living spaces. They have the perfect conjunction of aesthetics and utility.

Most wood veneers are eco-friendly by nature, thereby inspiring a sustainable way of living. Whether you choose a very high-end, luxurious, celebratory look or go bold with colours, veneers can accentuate any type of appearance you wish for your homes. The possibilities are just promising and endless. Revamp your living spaces with natural decorative veneers from Greenply. For more details on veneers, visit the website online.

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