Why Greenply 710 Stands Out Among Plywood Choices?
Why Greenply 710 Stands Out Among Plywood Choices?
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Indian homes are subject to water spillage more than some of the western countries. We tend to prefer water for cleaning. 


However prevalent it has become the culture of using tissues, water continues to be a favoured cleansing model supported by dry cloths and mops. For instance, all of us have encountered a bad case of bad taps in the kitchen the odd day. We like to serve our food hot and the vapours condense to cause minor spillages every other day. Ours is a humid country where chilled water bottles kept outside on a summer afternoon invariably leave our dining table in a small puddle. 


Most of our washrooms aren't carpeted and tissue rolls aren't a frequent feature in most of them. Except for hotels, eateries and cafes, tissues aren’t a regular sight. Hence, under the dominating influence of water in our spaces, having furniture built using BWP marine-grade plywood becomes an appropriate necessity rather than a mere option.




Indian homes and water is a relationship that can dampen easily. Therefore, it only makes sense for our homes to have pieces of waterproof functional structures in place - pieces of furniture that can weather years of prolonged exposure to water in its different forms - splashes, droplets, showers and moisture in areas such as kitchen, dining table and washrooms.


Greenply’s 710 Plywood is Boiling Waterproof (BWP). The ‘710’ comes from the IS 710 marine-grade certification that it holds, complemented by its voluminous capacity to resist water in all its avatars.


How Does Greenply 710 Plywood Water Out All Apprehensions?


Being BWP, Greenply 710 Plywood drains most of its competition. However, its performance isn’t limited to just combating the everyday spills & splashes. It keeps away harmful pathogens, namely viruses, bacteria, borers and fungi. But, where does it find the strength to live up to these challenges? A 100% Composed Core plywood with best-in-quality waterproof resin and manufacturing via 4 Press Technology, makes Greenply 710 Plywood the ultimate waterproof plywood. Manufacturing via 4 press technology makes Greenply 710 plywood stand out in terms of strength and precision. 


The bucket-load of features promised by this plywood translates into its longevity. Greenply provides a coverage of 25 years of warranty that’s likely to be unmatched in this segment. However, this isn’t just the best part. Greenply 710 Plywood is E-0 (E-Zero) certified, thus protecting you from any harmful emissions.


Let us now look at all the features at a glance. 

- Boiling Water Proof
- Meets technical parameters of marine ply
- 100% Composed Core
- Selected Hardwood Species    
- The 4 Press Technology
- Virashield: Anti Viral + Anti Bacterial
- Borer and fungus-proof, Anti-Termite Guarantee
- Formaldehyde Emission Level: E0 European Standard


What Makes 19mm Greenply 710 Plywood in Such Demand?




The market exhibits varying plywood demands based on width. The surge in 19mm plywood popularity reflects consumer preference for its strength and durability in construction and interior design. Greenply 710 exemplifies this trend, meeting the heightened demand for 19mm plywood at lucrative prices against a list of compelling features. 


A Watertight Conclusion


Water is everywhere and there’s no escaping this reality. However, the core piece of advice seems to boil down to Greenply 710 Plywood - a top-notch marine-grade and zero-emission plywood that, once used as the foundational material for your furniture, keeps them afloat for a quarter of a century. 

Set sail to your dreams of having long-lasting kitchen cabinets and washroom vanity units. Greenlight the evergreen choice called Greenply.

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Protect kitchen plywood cabinets from damage using Greenply's BWP & fire-retardant plywood. This can prolong the life of the plywood cabinets and save money in the long run.