Want To Decorate Your Home? Follow These Pinterest Accounts
Apr 21, 2016 | By: admin

These pages inspire you to deck up your digs in ways you never knew were possible. From stunning celebrity homes, current design trends to wow design ideas – these pinterest accounts are simply super!

1. Elle Décor

The page is crammed with inspiring rooms, beautiful bedrooms, dream closets, amazing bathrooms + more drool-worthy décor ideas that can be applied at home.

2. Better Homes and Gardens

How to take a basic household item and modify it to take it to the next level? Searching for an answer to it? If yes, then browse through all the boards diligently. Don’t miss out on even a single piece of content!

Bed made of Plywood
3. Good Housekeeping

Aesthetics is important. But practicality is equally important. The page  (from holiday home decors to boards on gardening and organizing things) is a hub for ideas that score high on beauty plus functionality.

4. Architecture & Design

Searching answers to these questions - How to create a backyard oasis? How to glam up your bathroom? What does a minimal home mean; and how does it look? To get the answers browse the boards.


97 Boards. 14.1K Pins – all brimming with ideas, colors, decors, quirky details and creativity. If you love order and neatness then don’t miss out on this board

6. Residence Style

So, what’s right home décor according to you?  Is it a royal chamber decorated with custom furniture and crystal finishing? Or a cozy room with soothing grey walls, layered rugs and a wooden book shelf with lots of books? No matter what your choice is – you’ll find a slew of home décor ideas here.

7. Arch Daily

From chic lighting ideas, super interiors to wow tree houses and more – this page is what you should be following if you’re planning to glam up your home in near future.

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