Things to Consider While Buying Exterior Wood Doors
Things to Consider While Buying Exterior Wood Doors
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There is nothing more fascinating than a wooden door. The pastel-painted doors of Notting Hill allure you in its distinct charm and panache. Meanwhile, the heavy wooden doors with intricate flower designs and warm shades of blue, red, pink dotting the narrow lanes of Morocco, exudes warmth and simplicity. Or let’s take a closer look at home and wander across Jaipur where the detailed,  hand painted arches and wooden work on the giant  palatial doors, inspire a  legacy of tradition, royalty and grandiose. All these cultural marvels attest to the fact that exterior wood doors reveal fine character and craftsmanship and a world that extends beyond the outside mileu. They are symbols of portals that transcend between various trajectories of life. Moreover, their long-lasting durability proves that they have withstood years of decay, abrasions and still retained their permanence of beauty and charm. Taking cues from these beautiful doors, you can design the exterior wood door of your home to reflect your own sense of  personality and style. Likewise, it becomes valuable to invest in the right kind of exterior wood doors to execute your artistic endeavours.




Be acquainted with these features of exterior wood doors.


Positioning Makes a Strong Statement


To install exterior wood doors, you need to make a list of these questions:

  • How often will these doors be used? 
  • What sort of environment they will be exposed to
  • What are the features that should come with these doors? Should it be moisture or fire resistance or both? 
  • What kind of door opening mechanism are you looking for?




Questions like these will guide you into picking the right door frame for your house.


Materials That Make up Your Door


Usually people opt either of these materials for constructing the front door. They are a) wood, b) fiberglass and c) steel. Let’s go through each of them one by one.



Wood is the creme de la creme of building materials when it comes to exterior doors. This is simply because no other material can match the authenticity of wooden front doors that renders a homely and welcoming look to your homes. Moreover, given how technology has shaped the evolution of wood, you will find brands that offer wooden doors that are coming up with delamination and warp-free properties. 

One such brand is Greenply. Greenply is India’s best plywood brand that offers a range of doors that are dimensionally stable, borer, and termite proof, weather- resistant, resists slamming and knocking and comes with warranty. Visit the website to know more about their collection of doors.





Steel doors are very durable and offer a heightened sense of security. Moreover, they are usually low-maintenance and also come up with high energy-efficiency features. However, the doors can be susceptible to rust and can get difficult to repair.



Fiberglass doors are less likely to fade, bent, crack or scratch. They are customisable and also energy-efficient.

Depending on your budget and preference, you can choose the material and the look which blends with your house. However, wood will and still makes the cut for your exterior doors.


Right Size, Right Vibe


Generally, the size of a standard front door comes around at 28-32 inches. But as they say there is not one size that fits everything. For exterior wood doors, check whether the entryway is of a standard size or it is smaller or bigger like a 42 inch broad single door. Anything beyond that measure would require you to install double doors. Therefore, size does matter whilst looking for the perfect exterior door.


Style is a Great Impression Maker


You can experiment with different style ideas while designing your exterior door. You can buy an old door and customise it according to your taste. You can add glass panes around the front door. Otherwise you can choose something less cliche and more exclusive like sidelights or transoms (glass windows placed on top of the exterior door). Other kinds of style elements include mail slots, dressy panels, knockers, etc.




No Impact on Security


What we mean by this is that your exterior door should not compromise on security. A good lock system around the door would alert you of any unwanted intrusions or strangers. But other than that, today wooden doors come with fire-retardant properties that safeguards from unprecedented fire attacks also. So not just thefts, burglaries, a good quality exterior door will protect you from fires too.

Exterior doors have always been about beauty. While there is no doubt that, there are other factors that always go beyond making that beauty last long. Think of it like reading a storybook. If the introduction is strong and interesting, you would want to read the rest of the story. Similarly, if the exterior wood door piques the attention of people, people would want to explore more of your house as it has successfully set the right mood of your home. If you are looking to make your exterior door an-all arounder in terms of glamour and durability, then check the website of Greenply for its wide range of durable, sturdy and affordable wooden flush doors.

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