The Promise of Zero Emission Plywood with Greenply E0 Range
The Promise of Zero Emission Plywood with Greenply E0 Range
Sep 25, 2023 | By: admin

Did you know the furniture at your home might emit emissions? While you check for strength and resistance in the materials like plywood, MDF and veneers, emissions from plywood might have escaped your notice. Explore the Greenply E0 Plywood Range for a zero-emission solution!


All our furniture either in homes and offices, uses Plywood, MDF or Veneers in one form or the other, for furniture, panelling or doors. Yet, we often forget its importance in creating healthy interiors.


The Hidden Dangers of Toxic Plywood: The Formaldehyde Threat


Daily and prolonged exposure to formaldehyde emissions can cause health risks like nausea, headaches, and skin rashes. As we move towards healthy living, it’s important that our indoors, where we spend most of our times, is also healthy and safe for us and our family.


Why Do We Need Healthy Interiors?


Ensuring healthy interior spaces is vital for our overall well-being. Harmful emissions from furniture, such as formaldehyde, can linger in our homes, posing health risks. Optimal indoor air quality not only prevents health problems but also elevates our daily experiences. Fresh, clean air fosters improved concentration, better sleep, and overall happiness. Therefore, when selecting furniture, prioritize healthy and zero emission options to transform your home into a haven of health and comfort.


What Is Zero Emission Plywood?




Meet E-0 Plywood - Your Eco-Friendly, Formaldehyde-Free Choice for Healthy Interiors! It is one of the best plywood variants for your furniture that emits zero formaldehyde into the environment. Thereby, it increases the quality of life inside your interior spaces.


Which Type of Plywood Is the Best for Furniture?


When it comes to choosing plywood for your furniture, there are essential factors to consider. You need strength and durability for long-lasting pieces, built-in virus and bacteria protection to ensure health and safety, defence against bothersome borers and termites to preserve your investment, and a pocket-friendly price to keep your budget intact. But above all, there's one hero in the lineup that makes all the difference - Greenply's E0 zero-emission plywood has ViraShield protection that kills 99.7% pathogens and viruses. Built on the Penta (5) and 4 Press Technology, it promises quality with ZERO defects.

With Greenply E0, you not only get all the features you need but also the assurance of a cleaner, healthier environment.

Your plywood choice matters – make it count with Greenply E0!


Greenply's E0: Championing Healthy Interiors 


Opt for Greenply's E-0 range for formaldehyde-free furniture.

After relentless research, Greenply crafted a formaldehyde-free resin. It’s E-0 product range which includes E-0 plywood, E-0 doors, E-0 MDF and E-0 veneers  furniture now championsthe cause of healthy interiors. 

Don't just take our word for it! Concerned about formaldehyde emissions from your furniture? We conducted an eye-opening experiment comparing market plywood with Greenply. Our E0-certified products emitted just 3mg of formalin per 100g of plywood, setting us apart from the rest of the products in the industry.


Greenply’s E0 Range Includes -


●    Green Club 700 - India’s pioneering zero-emission plywood, fortified with an innovative anti-bacterial coating, delivers the perfect blend of eco-consciousness and household well-being.


●    Green Club 5 hundred - Experience the ultimate in safety and quality with Greenply's flagship product, boasting anti-bacterial properties and an incredible 500% lifetime warranty, ensuring peace of mind for both carpenters and families alike.


●    Green Gold 710 - Known for its quality and reliability, Green Gold 710 is a trusted choice for various applications.


●    Green Platinum - known for its 2X Fire retardant and 2X Waterproof properties, the green platinum plywood also comes with promise of Zero Emission. 


●    Greenply Interior MDF - E0-  A low-formaldehyde Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) designed with eco-consciousness in mind, ensuring healthier indoor environments.


●    E0 WoodCrrest Veneers -  Eco-friendly veneers that meet the E0 standard, providing sustainable and elegant options for interior design.


●    Greeb Gold Doors - Doors backed by a 25-year warranty, known for their reliability and longevity.


●    Green Club Doors - Premium quality doors ideal for clubhouses and high-end applications.


Our innovation is gaining unstoppable momentum! Our Zero Emission promise boasts national and international approval from IGBC, GRIHA, CARB, and EPA – setting the standard for eco-excellence. 

Choose Greenply's Zero Emission range, where your furniture's hero is the planet's hero too!

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