Termite Menace: How to Curb It with Termite Proof Plywood?
Termite Menace: How To Curb It?
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Termites are called the silent destroyers. They lurk in dark like a monster and are visible only when the damage has already been done. They feed on dead plants, trees and dead parts of a living tree. And sometimes they even gorge on currency notes! Don’t believe us, then read on -
Bizarre News

You can read the full article here –  http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/termites-eat-sbis-rs-1-crore-in-uttar-pradesh/1/135890.html

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Termites cause nearly $40 billion in damage globally each year, as per the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) scientists. In the US alone, these pesky creatures destroy parts of more than 600,000 homes annually.

Over here we’ll discuss how you can prevent your home from termite infestation -

Keep Your Furniture In The Sunlight

Termites like dark areas. Exposure to sunlight causes chaos in their lives. Keep your furniture out in the sunlight for a couple of hours on a hot, sunny day. Sunlight should reach each and every corner of the furniture  - the idea is not giving these dangerous insects a place to hide.  Do this on a weekly basis.

Purchase Furniture Made Of Termite Proof Plywood

To save your time, energy and even money, we recommend you to purchase furniture that is made of termite proof plywood. It’s also a budget-friendly investment. Keep your furniture away from moisture. If the room is damp then first treat it then move the furniture inside. Termites extensively need water for surviving. If your furniture remains wet or seeps in water, dry it up as soon as possible.

Try Out These Natural Remedies

Chemically treating termites cause several health disorders. For this reason, many homeowners consider using natural remedies. Here, are a few natural remedies that can help:

Orange oil:  The orange oil primarily consists of D-Limonene, which is a very effective insecticide. You can either brush or spray it on the infested area. This kills termites and protects your furniture from turning to wood dust.

Neem Oil: Neem oil should be directly applied on the infested area. This treatment should be repeated several times to eliminate a complete colony of termites.

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We all heard of plywood and veneers. Here we are not only discussing about the different plywood grades which includes BWP, fire retardant, zero emission but we must aware of the difference between veneer and plywood.

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Can termites destroy plywood flooring or furniture? Short answer - YES! If you have a history of ...

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