Participate in Our Contest and Win KKR Match Tickets Goodies
May 04, 2018 | By: admin

Participate in Our Contest on  and Win KKR Match Tickets and Goodies

Join the Contents at

Rules of the Contest

There is a code hidden in the cap. Find it & follow the below steps to participate in this contest. Lucky winners will stand a chance to win IPL match tickets. #Greenply #GreenplyPlywood #KKRHaiTaiyaar #IPL2018
How to play:
Comment below with the hidden code (& tag 3 of your friends optional)
Share the post (extra points)

- This KKR cap is 3D so rotate and find
- Doesn't work on mobile FB (works on FB App & Desktop)
- Use your mobile and move your app up, down, left and right to get the code.

All Answers should be posted on .


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