Most Popular Home Design Trends for Millennials
Most Popular Home Design Trends for Millennials
Mar 26, 2019 | By: admin

When it comes to decorating their homes, millennials are quite unlike the previous generation. For millennials, less is more. Millennials want a tech-savvy and modern home and yet not lose touch with a rustic feel. Keen on functionality, millennials love minimalistic design and don’t want to accessorize their house too much. As more and more millennials are staying in small or studio apartments, they want their decor to be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Most popular home design trends for millennials
Here are a few home decor trends that millennials swear by:

  • Sleek and simple:  Millennials love an open plan space, be it office or home. A home that allows for seamless living and dining is something that works for millennials. They are keen on luxury kitchens but they prefer an integrated part of the living and the dining area making it easy for entertaining. For a decluttered look, they devote time to select strategic and double duty furniture pieces like a coffee table that can be used for storage or a couch that is also a bed.

  • Rustic look with sustainable material: The best way to give your house an organic feel is to introduce natural materials like plywood, stone, and ceramic. The millennials choose the material that resonates with personality and gives their home an intimate feel. A material that millennials are drawn to is plywood. A natural product made from wood, plywood is not just sustainable, it’s also durable and sturdy.  The value and elegance of a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture can add flair and drama to your room exactly the way you want.

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  • An indoor forest: That millennials love plants at home and office is no secret. With vertical gardens made out of mason jars and balcony gardening, millennials are turning their tiny homes into an urban jungle. Plants do not just brighten up space with their warmth but they also make a house feel full of life.

  • Pastel colors: Be it accent walls or furniture, pastel colors are first contenders for giving a millennial a cheerful vibe. Coral, millennial pink, softer shades of green are all over the millennial homes in the form of throw pillows and blankets, artwork and walls. Easy on eyes, pastel colors are graceful and subtle, making it a timeless choice for your home walls.

  • Statement accents: Millennials make sure their guests’ eyes are set on their statement-making accent. Instead of crowding their living room with too many small accent pieces, they let one item stand out. The statement-making accent is often accompanied by smaller or less ornate accents.

  • Smart technology: It’s difficult not to talk about technology when talking about millennials. For a generation that has grown up with easy and instant access to the Internet, technology is an inseparable part of their life. The smartphone-wielding generation wants a smart home. Use of high-tech products to enhance home decor is commonplace. Digital photo frames or digital art, sleek air purifiers and eco-smart fireplaces are a few of items that millennials are investing in to give their home a tech-savvy look. With wood panel and gray steel finish, many of these gadgets just blend seamlessly with your home decor.

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