How To Make Your Home More Insta-Worthy?
How To Make Your Home More Insta-Worthy?
Sep 20, 2018 | By: admin

Let’s all admit it; we do get a little jealous of the perfectly-styled homes that often pop in our Instagram feed. The key secret to creating insta-worthy spaces is the focus on creating a character that makes a home admirable and not just a place to live in. Home decor experts vouch for the fact that photos that reflect homeowner’s attention to detail in selecting pattern and texture plus furniture arrangement garner more likes and reposts in Instagram.

Over here we discuss simple steps to make your home insta-worthy -

1) Create walls with vivid character:-

A gallery wall with your favorite quotes, family photos, sign letters, and the artwork is just the right canvas for your expressions. The size of your gallery wall entirely depends on the number of pictures and other art pieces you plan to put up.

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If you want to keep the walls minimalistic, then hang wall art or a wall sculpture to give those blank and empty walls a personality of their own.

living room decor
2) Doors to inspire the look and color scheme of a room:-

One of the most versatile home accessories, wooden/plywood doors pair well with most interiors’ styles and run the gamut from bold to soft and classical to modern.  To buy high-quality plywood doors that blend seamlessly with its surroundings, visit

3) Modern decorative accessories to add a sense of eclectic to space:-

Modern decorative accessories such as discarded glass bottles and jugs in intriguing shapes and unique colors used as flower vases create a space that evokes a sense of wonder. You can also simply gather them in groups and create a casual display as seen here

modern decorative accessories
Unstructured centerpieces like a plain glass bowl of water lit with candle are evocative and get along well with other items on the table.  

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4) Furniture pieces with beauty and comfort:-

Furniture pieces are the building blocks of a space; they complete your house. Homes with expressive furniture pieces that tell a story are popular on Instagram. For instance. a cupboard with vintage sensibility tells you stories of old-world charm and elegance. Set amidst a modern décor, this vintage furniture piece adds a sense of import to space.

plywood furniture
These wooden furniture pieces tell a story of white calm! In this setting, color is limited and the white pieces create a space that evokes a sense of calm and quiet euphoria. The potted plants on a small-sized wooden side table add an element of natural abundance to space. 

living room decor
Planning to build customized furniture pieces? Explore our versatile plywood products You can also use our products to build panels, cabins, and partitions for your rooms. As one of the leading plywood companies in India, we ensure superior durability and high visual appeal in all our products.  

5) Right color coordination that inspires you:-

Right play of colors is the key to make your rooms picture-perfect. From wall paints to drape and cushion colors, the right color scheme doesn’t fail to dazzle curious eyes! One general rule of thumb for getting your rooms’ color coordination right is to find the right balance between shiny and matte, bold with subtle, and heavy with light.

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