How To Nail The Tropical Home Decor?
Jun 26, 2017 | By: admin

A tropical home decor is all about recreating a warm, bright and sunny vibe. A tropical decor is perfect for summer months as it gives a fresh twist to your home, fusing it with a relaxed and pleasant layout. Here is how you can inject a tropical flavour in your home decor:

1. Go natural
A tropical home decor celebrates warmth and simplicity. The best way to do that is by incorporating bright and warm features in your room. Choose plywood furniture over metals and any other material. Plywood adds warmth to the space. For fabrics, go for natural ones with botanical prints. Add natural textures such as jute rugs, rattan or plywood chairs, and sea shells for decorating. These elements will make your decor interesting and inviting. When using plywood, ensure you get it from the best plywood companies in India. The plywood by Greenply is considered the best plywood in India. Check our products at

Tropical Home Decor

2. Select a warm colour palette
Spice up your tropical decor with bright, nature-inspired, and warm hues such as sunset orange, peach, banana yellow, forest green, deep sea-blue. Contrast them with a colour palette of earthy tones such as brown and cream to give your room an airy feeling. You can even recreate the palettes found in tropical foliage such as beige, mocha, neutral ivory, and shades of green. Paint the walls in these colours or choose fabrics (throws, pillow covers, or curtains) in these tropical shades. You can even go for wallpapers which comes in various floral prints and colors, choose from a wide range of Greenteriorwallcovers from Greenply at

3. Welcome nature indoors
Create an illusion of a tropical paradise by fusing nature into your decor. Include plenty of greenery by decorating your rooms with succulents, ferns, and houseplants. Try faux plants if you do not want to keep live plants inside. Go for seashell and floral arrangements in the rooms. You can decorate seashells with sand, stones, and moss to create an interesting table-display. Visit some natural ideas to bring the beach to your home.

4. Use light for tropical vibe
Light is an important aspect in creating a tropical vibe in your home. Neutral and nature-oriented wall colours support best light dispersion. Install small light kits or palm-like ceiling fan with light to recreate interplay of colours artificially. Use low positioned lights or tropical pendant lights made of rattan, bamboo or abaca. Choose tropical motifs such as pineapples, monkeys, and bananas.

5. Window Treatment
The windows bring in the sense of closeness with nature which is the essence of a tropical decor. So, keep the windows uncluttered. For an authentic tropical decor, use wooden roll-blind on the windows rather than curtains. If you still choose fabric over roll-blinds then choose light and pastel shades. This will bring in a feeling of freshness.

6. Recreate a serene corner
Have a patio? Or a large open window? Recreate the tropical coastal scene by placing a wicker lounge chair in the patio or in front of that window, surround it with lush plants and transport right to the coastal beach without setting foot outside your home.

These easy tips will help you embrace a tropical decor.

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