How to Make Your Workspace Decor More Funky & Cool?
How to Make Your Workspace Decor More Funky & Cool?
Feb 27, 2017 | By: admin

Looking for funky and cool ideas to make your workspace productive and enjoyable, then we’ve got you covered:

1. Hang a collage of pictures
A beautiful collage of various moments that are close to everyone’s heart is something to stare at.Gather the best photos(they can be from office picnic, R&R, team gatherings, and training)

2. Update your furniture
It instantly changes the look and feels of the space.Organize your files, folders, books, and other documents on open bookshelves. Replace old desks with classic plywood ones that come with storage space.Play with colors to add relaxing and refreshing vibe to the decor. For instance, washed and weathered white sofas with watery green side tables in the reception area instantly creates an unconventional yet invigorating ambiance.

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Workspace Decor
3. Keep colorful note holders
Instead of taping work notes on the wall and on the side of your computer, your employees keep them in funky and cool noteholders.You can also use the note holders to display quotes and messages to your employees’ spirits high all day long.

4. Vinyl glass walls
Vinyl glass walls are apt for meeting rooms as they not only let light through but also maintains privacy.

5. Turn it Green
Greenery and plants are always refreshing and brighten up the workspace in no time. Keep small potted plants in the office.If there is not adequate staff to take care of the plants, keep low maintenance plants such as tiny and beautiful succulents.

6. Keep funky push pins or magnets
Bright and colorful magnets and push pins are the easiest way to add life and color to the boring walls of a cubicle.

7. Minimize the wires
First, let’s make one thing clear - there are wires that you can’t get rid of such as monitor data cables and power cords. And there are wires that you can get rid of.Buy wireless keyboard, mouse and bluetooth headset.This will minimize clutter to a great extent. Geta cord organizer and clamp all the wires together and hide them behind your desk to give a neat and clean look to your workspace.

8. Bring freshest colors of nature indoors
Ditch the soft grays and white; instead, think bright and cheery colors for the office interiors. Colors like Banana yellow, lime greens, and powerful pinks against the backdrop of whites cast a luxurious yet laid back look.
Use these tips to transform a dull workspace into a cool and funky place to work in. We hope that you will find these tips helpful.

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