How to Deck Up Your Home for Summer Parties?
How to Deck Up Your Home for Summer Parties?
Mar 28, 2017 | By: admin

Sizzling cocktails, mouth-watering dishes, good people, and a mellow aura: that’s how you soak up summer in style. Over here we discuss simple and easy ways to make your house ready for summer parties.

The best way to get started is cleaning up two weeks before. If it is the backyard that will serve as the party spot, then get rid of all the junk. Chop down overly-grown bushes but don’t overdo it as you don’t want to lose the natural connect. Get rid of still water in the gutter as you don’t want the party spot to be filled with mosquitoes and rotten smell.

Hosting a summer party is a great excuse for controlling clutter in your home. Do away with the clothes, accessories, jewelry items and utensils that you longer use. Arrange the closets, use hanging baskets for kitchen appliances, clean your attic, organize your CDs and books, and dust furniture.

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If you have trees in your lawn, hang up bright festoons which will leave a striking impression. Having a plywood dog house in your backyard would be even better as it adds a touch of authenticity.You can build an easy-to-assemble dog house for indoor plus outdoor use. Planning to build a dog house with plywood?If yes, then check our product Green Club

Versatility is the key when decorating. There’s no harm in renting furniture for the party; choose furniture items that are robust enough to be used in your backyard or garden and that are also in sync with your interior scheme.
Decorate your living room with colourful accessories and art in eye-catching shades such as pastel pinks, passionate reds and zesty yellows.

Place plants that thrive indoors and outside, such as lavender, lilies, Fatsia japonica (Japanese aralia), and iris on either side of the area connecting the house and garden.

Let there be light!
It always gets late when partying. So, it makes sense to add ambient lighting to the decor which will bring the party scene to life when it gets dark. You don’t even have to use high voltage lights, just hang low-powered LEDs/ hurricane lanterns with strings throughout your home and garden and create that right evening glow.

Don’t make it a mess
Keep all things organized so that your guests don’t face problems in locating things. For example, place the cups/cup holders near the water/juice dispenser, place plates and napkins together, keep ashtrays on each table, and rattan baskets where guests can dispose the empty bottles.

Last but not the least, give that expensive music system of yours its true raison d'être, bring it out and set it up in your backyard. Good music just about makes everything else seem good and all the efforts that you have put in will not go in vain. As a word of advice, be careful about your playlist selection and prefer genres like swing jazz instrumentals which sets an uplifting mood.

Hope you found the post useful. Want to add something to the list? Drop a comment!

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