How to Break Away from the Mundanities of Monday to Friday with Creative Home Decor Ideas?
How to Break Away from the Mundanities of Monday to Friday with Creative Home Decor Ideas?
Feb 16, 2017 | By: admin

When it comes to home decor, defy the rules to create a space that is interesting and inspiring. A stylish home calls for thinking beyond rules. Here are a few tips and tricks for breaking the mundanities of conventional home decor and for creating an exciting space:

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1. Bold Lampshades
From metal to frilly lampshades; wicker to seashell lampshades; tall and sleek to triangle shaped lampshades - there’s no dearth of tasteful lampshades. Slender and tall lampshades are just the perfect decor items for your sparest corners.

2. Bring in a Sense of Calm
When it comes to home decor, candles are the most underrated objects. However, if used creatively, candles can make your space more warm and cozy. Toss a few aromatic candles in a big saucer and use it as a centrepiece. Get a designer candle holder which can double as a decorative piece. For a more calming ambience, place candles in glass jars, decorate them with ribbons and keep at various corners in your room. Paint the walls in different shades of white for a classic calm and cerebral decor. Along with textures, and fragrances, you need music in your rooms to round out the sensory experience.

3. Think About Wind Chimes & Colorful Lanterns
There’s nothing special about a room decorated with beautiful artworks. What makes a space special is the story that’s behind the decor. Create such magical stories with wind chimes and colorful lanterns. Where the sweet tinkling of the wind chime creates a relaxing atmosphere and colorful lanterns keep the room lively!

4. Rope Railing
Instead of a traditional railing, install a rope railing and bring a more rustic and natural appeal to your home decor. Rope railings are not only fancy but also make the stairs appear extended and open. This is the best way to give a rustic and minimalist twist to your home decor.

5. Focus on the Ceiling
This is yet another innovative way of adding a creative twist to your decor. Ceilings are the areas that are often overlooked. However, they play a vital role in creating a welcoming feeling. Give an easygoing vibe to your living room or bedroom by keeping the walls in rooms in light neutral palette and highlighting the ceiling with a slightly bright contrasting color. Plywood can be a good option for the perfect ceiling.

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