How Home Decor Impacts Our Emotional Wellness?
How Home Decor Impacts Our Emotional Wellness?
Mar 16, 2017 | By: admin

While discussing interior decor, we usually focus on different aesthetics and style aspects. However, what we fail to realise is that home decor also affects how we react, how we think and how we feel. From the colour of walls to the lights, everything has a deep impact on our emotions and perceptions. Let's find out more -

1. Incorporating Natural elements lifts up your spirit
If you want to bring a change in your life, why not start with de-cluttering your home? A cluttered home stacked with unused items add to the chaos in your life and makes you anxious. Arrange the furniture in a way so that access to different rooms in your house is not obstructed.

Bring in natural elements. Use plywood furniture and natural veneers, decorate the home with flowers, indoor plants, and stones. This facilitates the flow of positive energy and brings in a sense of calm.
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2. Colours affect your Mood
Colours have a deep impact on your mood and emotions. When you are conceptualizing the interior decor, ensure that you use colours that fit with the overall ambiance. Here is how colours can affect your mood and emotional wellness:
Orange: This colour brings a sense of energy. Too much of orange can make you feel overwhelmed. So, it's better to use it as an accent colour.
Green: This colour soothes your senses. Use green on the walls near the entryway so that it connects the outdoor and indoor areas.
Red: This is a colour of passion and power. If you want to bring in a sense of warmth and intimacy to a space, use this colour.
Blue: This colour lends a note of freshness and calm. Use this colour in the spaces that receive a lot of traffic such as bathrooms and kitchen. Blue also helps in easing stress.
Purple: This colour reflects luxury and royalty. If you want to add a sense of sophistication and lush, use it abundantly in living room or master bedroom.
White: It not only creates the right balance of glamour and coziness but also eases stress.

3. A perception of space gives you a sense of more
Choose furniture items that are sleek and multi-purpose. To give the room an extra sense of depth, place a large antique mirror on the wall. Use the full height of the room by fitting open shelves that show contents at a glance. This is a good idea for a child’s play area where you can arrange their toys on each open shelf.
Decorating your abode keeping psychological benefits in mind is a great choice. We hope that these points will help you zero in on the right decor theme of your home. If you want to buy plywood for furniture, check plywood from Greenply - The leading plywood manufacturing company in India.

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