Home Decor Trends to Look Forward to This Year
Home Decor Trends to Look Forward to in 2017
Feb 24, 2017 | By: admin

Here we will discuss some of the hottest trends that will rule the home decor scene in 2017. Read on!

1. ABoho-chic decor
To nail the look all you need to do is to mix modern elements with bohemian elements to create a comfy space. Go for bold patterns and add a pop of color to achieve aboho-style decor.For instance, choose colorful textile, plants, wooden or plywood furniture and metal fixtures to mix and match the elements. Create amazing terrariums by placing greens in clear glass vases on windowsills.

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2. A combo of Marble and Brass
It works for both the kitchen and the bathroom.The combination of marble and brass gives a neat and classy look to the decor. Marble is neat and industrial while brass adds a glamorous touch to the space. For instance, if you’ve got marble floors, you can install brass fixtures in and around the room. You can also keep coffee tables with marble top and brass stands to add luxe and glam.

3. Lighting Fixtures
Lighting fixtures reflect your unique sense of design and creativity. Quirky lighting fixtures such as enamel pendant lights in the living room or pendant lamps decorated with materials like gold leaf, wood, and copper in the dining room add a unique glamour to space. It is a great way to spruce up the corners or your house in the most unusual way. Place a vintage table lamp near your bookshelf to create a comfortable and relaxed space.

4. Furry Additions
Add an ultra-soft and cozy factor to your room by adding faux fur. Keep one or two furry furniture items in your living room to add a sense of aesthetic interest along with cosiness

5. Mixed Patterns
This year is all about mixed patterns.If you love patterns, this is the time to make a statement with enticing patterns.However, keep a balance by blending it with the decor of your room.This works for both your living room and bedroom.Keep a comforter with mismatched patterns in your bed.Mix and match the patterns of pillow covers also and create a focal point in the room.

6. Jewel Tones
This year, make way for jewel tones in your home.It will add a class and elegance to your home while maintaining the conventional look. This trend is highly experimental. And also, it adds earthy vibes and makes a bold statement.
A great home decor is a melange of utility and sustainability in style.We hope that these tips will help you bring that mix to your home decor. Watch this space to stay updated with the latest decor trends.

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