Home Decor Trends That Were a Hit This Year
Home Decor Trends That Were a Hit in 2016
Jan 20, 2017 | By: admin

As we welcome 2017, it’s time to look back at the home decor trends that were a hit in the past year. There were a number of trends that will continue to rule the roost in the coming years. Scroll down to check the greatest home decor trends that defined 2016:


1. Colorful Plywood Cabinet
The rustic appeal of the wooden plywood cabinets was a matter of past. 2016 was all about colorful wooden cabinets. Whether it was vibrant bold colors, cool pastel shades or a playful mishmash of highlights and accents, colors surely added a personality and style to your kitchen. If you too want to follow the trend and install plywood cabinets, then check plywood from Greenply, one of the best plywood companies in India. Check our plywood range at http://greenplyplywood.com/22-plywood

2. Ethnic Prints and Decor
Handmade products and basketwork were a hit in 2016. Hand woven items and hand-knotted rugs with exotic Bohemian and African-inspired prints paired well with rattan and cane chairs. Also, fabrics such as mohair and tweed too mixed well with a neutral or nature-inspired decor.

3. Open Shelves
Open shelves ruled the chart with its minimalist and classy appeal. Be it in your living room, kitchen or any other room, open shelves never looks clumsy. These shelves can be easily used to display books, photographs, kitchen items, toys and any other collectibles, making your walls appear chic and stylish.

4. Designer or artsy ledges
Hang lots of photos and pictures at one place and making them look elegant at the same time might appear a difficult task. But with decorative ledges, it’s pretty easy to bring cohesiveness to your walls. Art ledges were a hit in 2016. Also, you can easily swap or change the pictures on the ledge without turning your walls into a constellation of nail holes.

5. Concrete Countertops
The textured look of the concrete countertops was extremely popular in 2016. Though it might not seem like a chic option in the beginning but the rough texture along with open plywood shelves and elegant subway tiles adds a rustic charm to your kitchen. For a minimalist and modern look, the cabinets can be painted in lighter hues.

We hope that this list will help you get stylish home decor ideas that will give your home a timeless appeal.

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