Home Decor Furniture Arrangement Checklist For You
Home Decor Furniture Arrangement Checklist
Nov 19, 2018 | By: admin

Not creating a furniture arrangement checklist can turn your room into a space that lacks cohesiveness and character. Furniture pieces tie together the overall character and mood of the space. And if they are not arranged in sync with each other, the space loses its charm and purpose.

Here are some no-fail tricks to arrange your furniture pieces without fuss.

1. Measure, measure, and measure: Buying a furniture piece without checking the size of the room first is, sadly a common mistake. For instance, a sectional sofa may look brilliant in the showroom but if it is too big for your living room, it fails the whole purpose. Measure the area where you intend to place the furniture accurately, and then go on a shopping hunt.

2. Choose a focal point: It’s important to zero in on a focal point so that you can accordingly arrange your furniture around it. It can be your TV unit or a coffee table or a chandelier. A big room can have multiple focal points. However, one should limit focal points to three, anything above that would make the room look cluttered. In a small space, the focal points should not be more than two.

Home Decor Furniture Arrangement Checklist
3. Conversation areas: Arrange your living room furniture in such a way that guests can have a face-to-face conversation without any problems. The shared coffee table should be placed in such a manner that everybody is able to access it. Always arrange for extra seating, in case you have extra guests.

4. Traffic flow: When arranging furniture, keeping traffic flow in mind is the key. The center table and sofa should be placed in such a way that people can move around without difficulty. Entry and exit points should not be cluttered. For instance, if your living room leads to your balcony, then sofa should be placed in such a way that you or your guests don’t have a problem accessing the balcony. If you have a big house, ensure that the furniture arrangement fits the space and there are no wide empty spaces, thus making the furniture pieces look small.

5. Keep functionality in mind: Keep in mind the end use of all the furniture items. Side tables and coffee tables should be at an arm’s length so that people don’t have to get up to put their drinks down.

Home Decor Furniture Arrangement Checklist
6. Place big furniture pieces first: Placing large furniture pieces help you see the big picture first and lets you decide where other pieces of furniture need to be placed. In rooms where there are no clear focal points, big furniture pieces act like one.
Home Decor Furniture Arrangement Checklist
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7. Wardrobes and drawers: Wardrobes and drawers should be placed in such a way that they conveniently open without hitting other pieces of furniture, especially when your room is small. There should be ample space between your wardrobe and the bed allowing you to take your clothes out comfortably.

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