Common Home Decor Myths You Didn't Knew Before
Here are Some Common Home Decor Myths
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Are you are planning to redo your home interiors but are just overwhelmed by too many rules? Are you wondering what if you make a home decor faux pas? If these concerns are bothering you, then fret not. A home is a reflection of your personality and individuality and, therefore, you don’t have to play by the rules always; because rules do change over a period of time. Rather than following the trail, home decor is just like fashion, it is all about being path-breaking.

Here are Some Common Home Decor Myths

Today we are demystifying a few common home decor myths for you:

  • Small rooms should have small furniture: This is one of the most common myths that has been perpetuated over the years. Owing to this myth, people end up making their small rooms look cramped by filling it with too many small furniture items. Rather than making your house look like a dollhouse, invest in smart furniture items that make a statement and do double duty. For instance, if you have a small living room, instead of going for an L-shaped sofa lounge, opt for a lounge chaise or a sofa-cum-bed and pair them with accent chairs. If you have a small bedroom, place a queen-sized bed along with just one nightstand rather than two and push the bed to the wall so that there’s more walking space. The best solution to this problem is to get your furniture custom made using plywood.

Best plywood for home furniture

For custom-made furniture, use plywood from Greenply Plywood, one of the best plywood companies in India. The durability and stability of Greenply plywood are unmatchable. For home furniture like sofa, bed, dining table and chairs, use Green Club Plus Plywood, Green Club Plywood and Green Gold Prima Plywood by Greenply Plywood, one of the leading plywood brands in India. Greenply plywood products provide a strong foundation for building a variety of furniture items. Whether its strength, surface hardness, and resistance to wear and tear, Greenply plywood products are best for home furniture. Visit to explore about Greenply plywood products.

  • All furniture pieces of a room should match: Gone are the days when every furniture piece had to match with the other. To bring out the best in different pieces of furniture it is best to go for different styles and textures. For your dining chairs, you can experiment with different colors of the same texture. Two chairs can be in solid colors and two in patterned. For your bedroom, you can opt for a different bed and a different dresser so that both the items create a contrast.

To give your custom made furniture a sophisticated finish, use decorative plywood veneers like Burma Teak and Royal Veneer Black Forest. Decorative veneers give you endless design possibilities to give your furniture an exclusive look. To know more about our decorative plywood veneers, visit

  • Dark colors make the room look small: To say dark colors make the room look small is not completely right. When used in the right fashion, dark colors can add a sense of sophistication. For instance, You can opt for a dark-colored ceiling. To cut the edginess of the dark color, go for light-colored walls and flooring. If you want all the walls to be dark, keep the flooring and ceiling light colored. To make the room look bright, you can always add decorative mirrors to reflect and create additional sources of light.

  • Stick to one style of decor: What’s your home decor style? Is it modern, shabby chic, vintage or minimalist? Sticking to one style of decor is just boring. You can have a bohemian floor cushion perfectly looking nice in a contemporary living room that has a low-height classy sofa. Different decor styles can co-exist otherwise how else are you suppose to decorate your house with collectibles from different countries? Blending and merging different items is the best way to give your house a sense of unique style and character.

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