Boost Office Productivity with These Decor Ideas
Boost Office Productivity with These Decor Ideas
Sep 05, 2016 | By: admin

An intelligently designed office is crucial in boosting the overall productivity. A research conducted by Gensler in 2012 found that office environment has a deep influence on employees’ ability to focus and can boost their productivity by 20%. A few quick design changes in your office can take the productivity to the next level. Let’s find out a few ways to do that:

1. Focus on Lighting
Poor lighting results in fatigue and also causes eyestrain, thus hampering productivity. Combine natural light with artificial light. This creates a layered effect. Ensure that the lighting comes with a dimmer so that you can control the intensity.

2. Add a pop of Color
Colors have a great impact on your mood and productivity. Avoid bright colors such as orange or yellow. Such colors fatigue your eyes. Rather, choose cool shades such as blue or bluish-green or mint green as these colors create a feeling of calmness and help you focus.


3. De-Clutter the Workplace
Cut the clutter to reduce chaos. A cluttered workplace impacts your focus levels. Ensure there’s plenty of storage space. Choose desks that come with plenty of drawers and built-in cabinets. Stack your files and basic office supplies inside the drawers to keep the desk clean. Install open shelves to store files and documents that are used daily. Check out our Green Gold Plywood for shelves, drawers and cabinets

4. Think Plants
A 2015 study by Washington State University found that keeping plants in the workplace livens up the area and helps the employees stay calm and focused. It was also found that plants boost attentiveness and productivity.

5. Decorate the Workplace
Apart from adding colors and plants, decorating the office with personal knickknacks can increase the comfort level. Hang decorative posters, memorabilia, award certificates and motivational posters to create a visual impact. You can also install decorative doors. Such doors create a welcoming effect. Check out our doors at

6. Try Room Scents or diffusers
A nice smelling place can instantly brighten up your mood and frame of mind. Scents such as Cinnamon, Citrus, Lavender and Pine works great in improving alertness and mood, it reduces stress and lifts your spirit.

7. Ditch Open Spaces
You may think that an open office layout is good for promoting teamwork, collaboration and keep your employees focused but its wrong. A study published in Journal of Environmental Psychology concludes that open layouts cause disruption. It found that employees sitting together in open spaces find it difficult to focus pertaining to the noise and lack of privacy. Ditch the open layout and keep plenty of private space to boost productivity.

With these design and decor ideas, you can easily transform your workplace into a productive one.


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