Best Applications of Water Proof Ply with Green Platinum
Best Applications of Water Proof Ply with Green Platinum
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It's the time of monsoons. This means your home and interiors demand extra protection from the increased moisture content that is in air and flood in some extreme cases. During this time, most homeowners choose different methods to waterproof their furniture. While these methods do guarantee a certain level of protection, they are just temporary remedies. On top of that, they consume a big chunk of time and money. What you need is something infallible and foolproof that offers double the protection to your furniture not just in monsoon, but throughout the rest of the time and is a great value on investment. This is where boiling waterproof or marine grade plywood comes into the picture. The primary function of a boiling waterproof plywood is to prevent your furniture from getting into direct contact with water and moisture. You can use this plywood in different areas of your house owing to its versatile attributes. Apart from the assured long-term durability and protection, waterproof plywood can also complement trendy and modern  interior designs.



Where Can You Apply Waterproof Plywood at Your Home?


There are three places at your home that come in frequent contact with water. They are- a) kitchen, b) bathroom and c) living room. This is where you put BWP Plywood into use.



Be it water from the basins or vapour/steam from the food, building the kitchen base unit from BWP Plywood will ensure that it does not get exposed to high contents of moisture and water and cause delamination. But it's not just the kitchen base unit that needs BWP Plywood. The kitchen cabinetry, loft, wall units, under-basin storage, etc. should also be made with BWP Plywood as they too come in maximum contact with water. Since the BWP Plywood comes with specific chemically treated preservatives, it keeps the termites and borers at bay. Furthermore, there are some BWP Plywood that comes with fire-retardant properties that delays fire and reduces the emission of toxic fumes. This makes it even more ideal for kitchen use as it is a place more prone to fire outbreaks.




What if we tell you that wooden decor and interiors can work perfectly well for your bathrooms? It might come as a shock as wood does have a tendency to bend with high exposure to water as But not BWP Plywood. According to the studies carried out by the Bureau of Indian Standards, The BWP Plywood is bend-proof along with being highly durable and comes with anti-bacterial properties. This is because the bending capacity of a good plywood should not be more than 18mm and the BWP Plywood has a bending capacity less than 18mm.  Remember, that since the BWP plywood adheres to IS 710 category according to Indian standards, it can bear 72 hours of boiling water at high temperatures without delamination or any sort of wear and tear. Upon comparison, Green Platinum has passed the 144 hour boiling water test, making it 2x waterproof.



Living room

Usually, the majority of living rooms in India still use plywood to build their interiors with. This includes doors, wooden frames, shelves, etc. But sometimes, especially during monsoons, water tends to enter from the door passages or seep inside via the outer pipes or wall cracks. Regular plywood will warp and cup on exposure to water. The convex side of the plywood appears to be slightly larger than the other side or warped as it soaks up more moisture. Whereas the concave side gets cupped as it soaks up less moisture. This is why you need a BWP Plywood. According to scientific lab tests,  the BWP Plywood is tested through stress-relieving treatment and comes with anti-warping properties that makes it dimensionally stable during dry and wet conditions.



Green Platinum- Making Your Homes 2X Advanced and Protected


Greenply has launched Green Platinum that comes with PEN Technology. The PEN Technology that comes at zero additional cost, helps to delay the fire from spreading the fire through different layers of plywood. This makes the plywood 2x fire-resistant as it delays the spread of fire 2 times more than any other regular plywood. It delays the fire by 90 minutes when compared to  any other fire retardant plywood. Apart from this, it is 2X waterproof as it has successfully passed the 144 hour Boiling Water Test as opposed to regular waterproof or marine grade plywood that has just passed the72 hour boiling water test. Not only this, it comes with a 2x money back guarantee against any manufacturing defects with up to 30 years of warranty. No wonder Green Platinum is dubbed as the Plywood backed by Science.

Green Platinum plywood also comes loaded with other features such as E-0 emission, Virashield protection (antibacterial and antiviral coating), anti-termite guarantee, borer and fungus proof, CARB certification, unextended BWP resin etc.


Final Thoughts


Making your homes completely monsoon-proof is an important prerequisite. But when it comes with 2X  security and safety,  your home will remain doubly protected as you enjoy the monsoon season without any worries.

This is all the more reason to choose Green Platinum for your interiors. For more details on Green Platinum product page or whatsapp Green Platinum on 70444 46966.

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