8 Vibrant Interior Trends That're Making News
8 Vibrant Interior Trends That're Making News in 2016
Nov 22, 2016 | By: admin

From interplay of vibrant colours to floral prints, we bring to you the hottest interior design trends that are ruling the headlines this year. Read on -

1. Bright and Airy Kitchens
Install open shelves and inbuilt cabinets for more space. Why go for usual shades of white and beige for your kitchen when it can be as vibrant and colorful as the meals you prepare? Try mixing two colours for a livelier look. For instance, a bright pop of red alongside a grey cabinetry will make even the most mundane tasks of kitchen feel a little more interesting!


2. Textured Cabinets in Living Room
Create a contrasting effect by mixing different cabinet styles together. This gives a soft, textured feel to your room. Use plywood for the cabinets.  Buy good quality plywood online from Greenply.

3. Add Warmth with Metals
Metallic tones like antique brass or bronze never go out of style. Add warmth to your kitchen and bathroom by installing brass, gold, or copper fixtures. It adds sheen to your interior decor and gives it a classy look. Mix two or more metals to add more bling.

4. Cast a Magical Glow with Pendant Lights
Adding unexpected details can create an interesting focal point in your home. Juxtapose your decor with an eclectic and patterned pendant light. This can work as a piece of art as well as lift up the style quotient and ambience of the room instantly.

5. Embrace Minimalism
The minimalist home decor is back with a bang in 2016. Clutter free and ornate decor make your home appear roomier and give it a clean appearance. Make a bold statement by keeping the furnishing neutral and choose a standout piece such as a bold rug or a bright chair. Install multipurpose furniture for a fluid and seamless look.

6. Bring nature inside
Give your living space a refreshing change by introducing nature inside your home.  Keep a few potted indoor plants. Transform your window sill into a mini garden. Nature inspired furniture items like oak desk and stool make you feel connected to nature and also takes the design quotient of your decor several notches higher.

7. Creative Colour schemes
For a more futuristic look choose dark shades such as purple, dark blue and contrast them with flashes of coral or pink. Retro colours such as caramels and browns are also back this year. Create an unexpected colour combination to create a youthful look.

8. Add an organic touch
Introduce wooden look to give an organic touch to the interior decor. Mix wood with other furniture items to add warmth to space. For instance, install wooden countertops and chairs. This saves money and also looks stylish. Use plywood for the chairs and cabinets. Check out the various plywood options available on http://greenplyplywood.com/22-plywood. Add texture and depth to your personal space with a weathered wooden look for the cupboards and tabletops.

With these vibrant design and decor trends say goodbye to the boring and bring loads of character in your space.

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