8 Indoor Christmas Decorations That are Simply Magical
8 Indoor Christmas Decorations That are Simply Magical
Dec 10, 2016 | By: admin

With Christmas round the corner, it’s time to give your home a festive look. From Christmas-themed centerpieces to color schemes, glam your home with these 8 indoor Christmas decor trends:

1. FlushDoor
Why not add some warmth to your home with some unique doors?Beat the Christmas chills by installing decorative doors in your home. It adds a natural touch to your interior decor. You can either use non-decorative flush doors and apply your favorite veneer on it or go for our wide range of ready to install doors.Check out the doors at http://greenplyplywood.com/18-doors


2. Choose a festive color scheme
Give your home a festive makeover by painting it in the colors of festivities. Ditch the boring red and green, instead, this Christmas choose light and airy color scheme. Paint your home with bright holiday colors of strong blue and light green.

3. Brighten it up
Decorate your home with garlands, wreaths, and green boughs.You can also use seasonal fruits such as oranges, lemons and tangerines to give your home a natural and fresh look.

4. Install a Holiday-themed Shelf
Inject a holiday flair in your home by creating a holiday-themed shelf.Clean up a bookshelf or install plywood open shelves checkout our Green Gold Plywood section. Decorate the shelves with table top trees, ornaments, miniChristmas trees and other holiday accents.

5. Choose metallic accents
Holiday decor is incomplete without a hint of metallic shades.Replace the old cabinet handles and door knobs with bright metallic fixtures and knobs.To add a festive touch, you can tie colorful bows to each of them.Metallic fixtures instantly add an elegant touch to your decor and make your home gleam.

6. Add Fresh Flowers
Christmas decor is all about bringing in a lot of freshness.Include lot of fresh flowers to your interior decor. Bright and beautiful flowers decorated with sparkling ornaments add a magical touch to your holiday decor.

7. Brighten it up with Candles
Why not add a festive glow to your living room by keeping a few candles?If you have assorted glass jars in your home, then put candles in them and keep them near the window or the wooden shelves or table tops.You can even spray the glass jars with bright colors to give it an opaque and frosty look.

8. Christmas themed Chandelier
Add a festive touch to your home decor by decorating the light fixtures in Christmas theme.Wrap the chandelier in your living room with pine branches. Drape colorful ribbons and add a few glass ornaments. This adds to the rustic appeal to your living room.

Fill your home with holiday cheer with these great ideas.We hope that these ideas will help you add a unique twist to your home decor this Christmas.

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