Home Decor Tips with Low Maintenance Furniture for Newlyweds
8 Home Decor Tips for Newlyweds
Jan 10, 2017 | By: admin

Have you just got married and eager to set up your new home together? If yes, then check out these unique and easy home decor ideas to create your own little paradise:

1. Deck up your doors
When it comes to home decor, the front door is one of the most neglected parts of your house. However, simple tricks can help you give it a timeless appeal. You can paint your front door with black glossy paints or customize it by adding little design details such as accent colors and metallic knobs.You can even install elegant and stylish doors in your home. If you are looking for doors, then checkout our wide range of doors at Greenply plywood doors online.

2. Light it up
Install plenty of lights with dimmer switches. With this, you can easily customize the light according to your mood. Also, install a few creative pendant lights. These not only illuminate your home but also add a decorative appeal to your interiors.

3. Install an Artwork
Artwork doesn’t always mean expensive painting. From posters to oversized photographs, it can be anything. Hang an oversized photograph or painting or any piece of art on the walls. This gives a character to the wall and also creates an interesting focal point.

4. Play with colors
An additional layer of color gives your place an expensive and sophisticated look.You can paint the walls of your living room in cool and pastel shades and use bright accent colors to make it pop.Use brighter shades such as orange for the kitchen while use shades of blue and purple to create a more relaxing ambiance.

5. Add texture on the floor
Be it for hiding a problem area of the floor or for brightening it up, rugs are the quickest and easiest way to jazz up any room. Use rugs in oriental prints or bold geometric patterns in any area of your room.

6. Include lots of storage space
Storage space is essential for keeping your house clutter free. Install built-in cabinets, shelves, open and floating shelves in your home. Store your household essentials in the cabinets. Use the floating shelves to display decorative items.

7. Cozy it up with pillows
The living room is incomplete without fluffy and cozy cushions and pillows. Doll up the boring sofa in your living room by adding cushions of various prints and colors.Choose between geometric and floral-themed covers. You can even go for faux fur pillow and cushion covers to cozy it up a bit.

8. Keep low maintenance Furniture
Install furniture that doesn’t need high-maintenance and can be easily cleaned. Go for veneer application on the furniture.These not only look elegant but add a delicate sophistication to your home. In case you want a more natural and warm look, install natural veneers checkout or Green Naturals Veneer http://greenplyplywood.com/25-green-naturals.

Use these ideas to make your home trendier without burning a hole in your pocket.

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