8 Couch Ideas Made of Plywood for Small Living Spaces
8 Couch Ideas for Small Living Spaces
Mar 27, 2019 | By: admin

Home decor isn’t about just about big spaces. It’s about thinking out-of-the-box and packing a big punch with the right furniture items. Your couch is one furniture item that makes or break the look of your living room.

Here we’ve rounded up 8 couch ideas to jazz up your small rooms and make a huge statement:

  • Sleek sectional: It’s a misconception that sectionals are only meant for big living rooms. If chosen correctly, sectionals can do wonders for your living room. Instead of going for a seven-seater sectional sofa, opt for a 5-seater sectional.  Thanks to its L-shape, you can squeeze the sofa into the corner. This will give you more space in the center of the room. For more seating, you can add small pouffes or use stools as seats.

  • Sectional with free-floating ottoman: A coffee table often occupies a lot of space and is most of the time not used. To create more space in a tiny living room, a sectional with free-floating ottoman is an excellent choice. The ottoman can be used as a small table to serve snacks and it can be used for creating extra seating arrangement.  If in case you need a table, a small side table can be placed next to the sectional.

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  • Sofa-cum-bed: All small living spaces need is smart furniture. A multifunctional sofa is the best investment to make. A sofa-cum-bed with storage is the ideal choice for a small living space. One can just stash away the cushions in the storage and use the bed to accommodate extra guests at your place.

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  • Three-seater sofa: Nothing gives your living room a formal look than a three-seater sofa. Go for a three-seater sofa that is smaller than regular sofas. A traditional sofa is comfortable and gives your living room a sleek and clean look. Instead of cramming too much furniture in your living room, choose a sofa that’s proportional to the size of your living room.

  • Loveseats: If a traditional three-seater sofa is something you don’t want then, a loveseat is ideal for a small apartment.  It’s perfect to curl up and read a book. If you have a square-shaped living room, you can opt for two love seats facing each other. If there’s space, you can add an accent chair.

  • Chaise lounge: If you are not the ones who play by the rules, then opt for a chaise lounge instead of a full sectional. Though a chaise lounge is not a sofa in technical terms, it will add a quirky look to the living room. A chaise lounge can be used to entertain guests and can be used as a daybed to just laze around or watch TV or just simply read a book.  Not being a conventional choice, a chaise lounge will make your living room stand out.

  • Futons: Futons can maximize functionality and space in any small apartment. Futons act as two pieces of furniture. When folded, it’s a comfy living room seating option. When spread, it can be used as a spare bed for hosting extra guests.

  • Wooden sofa: Fabric sofas tend to big and bulky. The best compact sofas are the wooden sofas. They are ideal for a formal room sitting arrangement. Thanks to the wooden frame, these sofas are long-lasting and durable.

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