7 Ways to Decorate Your Small Space This Christmas
Dec 19, 2016 | By: admin

So what if you have a small apartment? It doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot go big with Christmas decor. Here are a few brilliant ideas to deck up your small apartment this Christmas:

1. Paint your apartment
The perfect way to glam up your small apartment is by painting it in cheerful colors. To keep up with the festivities, color your apartment with cheerful Christmas colors of red, green and blue. If you do not want to paint your apartment, you can even use decorative wallpapers. This is the quickest way to deck up your apartment and make it bright and cheerful. You can check our range of decorative wallpapers at


2. Decorate the chairs
Spruce up the chairs you use every day by adding a bit of Christmas flair. You can jazz them up with colorful chair covers or tie small wreaths with colorful ribbons on them.

3. Light it up
Hang bright fairy lights from the ceiling. You can even hang them around the windows or your doorway. This is a classic way of brightening up your small apartment without any hassle. If you do not want to go overboard with lighting then keep it simple yet elegant by illuminating your home with scented candles. You can put the candles on the shelves, near the windows or on your side table. This adds a personal touch to your small space.

4. A smaller Christmas Tree
So what if you do not have enough room for a big Christmas tree? You can always go for a compact version. Keep the petite Christmas tree on a table top. And if you do not want to put a table top Christmas tree then there are more stylish solutions. Get a few branches of the tree, put them in one or more glass jars and use these jars to decorate your table top or windowsill. You can add ornaments on the branches.

5. Display your Cards
Bring out all the holiday cards that you received from your friends and family members. Create a beautiful display of these cards on your wall. If you want, you can even hang miniature trees and twigs to create a separate holiday corner in your small apartment.

6. Utilize the windows
Don’t have much space in your walls and floors? Use the windows to complete your holiday decor. Add new curtains, hang wreaths, garlands and ornaments to complete the decor.

7. Don’t forget the doors
Decorate your front doors with wreaths and paper cut-outs of snowflakes. This way, every time you come back home, you will be welcomed by a Christmas cheer.

We hope that these simple ideas will help you decorate your Christmas holiday effectively.

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