7 Stylish Essentials to Liven up Your Home Decor
7 Stylish Essentials to Liven up Your Home Decor
Oct 25, 2016 | By: admin

Creating a sophisticated, stylish, and lively home calls for a few key essentials. From a statement art piece to geometric patterns, check these 7 essentials to brighten up your living space:

1. Vintage Decorative Piece
A vintage decorative piece or a family heirloom adds a personality to your home decor and makes it stand out from other homes. Every vintage piece comes with a story which makes it unique. You can keep an old fashioned trinket box, a lamp shade or antique armchair to add an old world charm to your decor. Be it for its quirky design or heritage value, a vintage or antique decorative piece is a must have for a stylish home.


2. A Statement Artwork
Nothing can reflect your personality and taste than an iconic artwork. Be it oil painting or sculptures of ambiguous figures– make your home come alive by installing varied pieces of art. A statement artwork such as a painting or a sculpture is quite impactful in adding architectural details and conveying your mood.

3. A chic blanket or throw
A stylish throw brings a sense of comfort along with adding texture to your home decor. Use furry throws in vibrant colors to add a touch of glam and vibrant pop to your living room.

4. Colourful Lights
Lights help set the mood and ambiance of the room. These come in a variety of shapes and colors. Install stylish and colorful CFL and LED lights. Install dimmers to set the right mood and tone in your home.

5. Add a touch of Wood
Add a rustic and earthy touch to your home decor by bringing in wooden furniture or accent pieces. Juxtapose your modern furnish with hints of wood for a dainty yet chic look. Install stylish wooden doors or paneling, keep a wooden coffee table or install wooden cabinets. Add a dash of color (combination of blue and yellow work great) to create a vibrant look. Use plywood for the table, chairs, cabinets, and paneling. If you want to buy plywood online, visit http://greenplyplywood.com/22-plywood

6. Sheer drapes and Curtains
Sheer drapes and curtains define and add life to your room. Use sheer drapes to divide a large room into smaller areas. Classic white curtains are old-fashioned. Install curtains with ombré dye for a dramatic effect or a patterned sheer curtain for a bohemian look.

7. Add metallic touch
Small metallic details add a healthy dose of elegance to your home decor and give it a look that one usually finds in the luxe living spaces of grand European apartments. Install fancy fixtures, door knobs in shades of gold, silver or copper to add shine.

To create a simple yet stylish decor, you must be willing to experiment and use your imagination and creativity. Incorporate these decor essentials to instantly jazz up your home decor.

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