7 Popular Kitchen Colors with Greenply Plywood for Furniture
7 Popular Kitchen Colors
Aug 26, 2016 | By: admin

Looking for a color scheme that will instantly give a facelift to your kitchen? If yes, then look no further. Here we discuss 7 popular and timeless color schemes that will keep your kitchen in style:

1. Olive Green
This is one of the most understated hues among the rest. This muted color is the best replacement of white and grey. Do not use it as an accent color, rather, mix it with metal and wood. For instance, if the walls are painted in olive green, then use wooden flooring in your kitchen. If the cabinets are painted in this hue, then use metallic handles and knobs to accentuate the color.


2. Red
Make a bold statement with red. The best way to use this beautiful color in your kitchen is to use it as an accent color. Paint the kitchen accessories in red. Highlight the cabinets with a coat of Italian red. Or line the ceilings with red. This will add a degree of warmth to your kitchen space.

3. Different shades of Blue
This ageless color can be used in a number of ways. Paint the walls blue or use it as an accent color; it will lend an ethereal appeal to your kitchen. If you want to stick to lighter shades of blue for your walls then accentuate the cabinets with a darker shade of blue. You can also highlight a wall in warm tones of blue while keeping the others muted.

4. Mint Green
You can never go wrong with a hint of mint in your kitchen. This charming color has a retro feel and complements almost every color in your kitchen. Use mint green as a pop color and use a black and white scheme for the rest of the kitchen. You can also use it as an accent color with shades of blue.

5. Off-white
Crisp white is too sharp for a kitchen. Instead, add a mellowed softness to your kitchen walls by painting it in the creaminess of Off-White. This color creates a serene calmness in your otherwise busy space and is soothing for your senses. Accentuate it with detailing in white to give a classic look to your kitchen.

6. Shades of Yellow
If you have a wooden decor in your kitchen then nothing can accentuate the warmth of wood as different shades of yellow. Always use fire retardant plywood for kitchen cabinets, table tops and other furniture. Check out our fire retardant plywood at http://greenplyplywood.com/plywood-blockboard/501-green-defender.html

7. Charcoal Gray
Want to add drama to your kitchen without going overboard with colors? If yes, then Charcoal Gray is your best option. This beautiful hue is bright and adds sheen to your kitchen space. Accentuate it with white colour and watch your kitchen glow.

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