7 Home Decor Tips for Bookworms
Jun 20, 2017 | By: admin

If you are a bookworm, then let your love for books shine throughout your personal space. Let your love affair with books inspire your decor choices. From choosing furniture for displaying your collection to infusing your home with literature-inspired items, here are a few decor tips for those who are in love with printed words:

1. Use the walls for storage
If you are a complete bibliophile, then you will need a lot of space for storing your books. Turn an entire wall into a storage space by installing open plywood shelves. This kind of shelving works best in large rooms. Keep the furniture and the linen subdued to create a subtle contrast. When choosing plywood for the shelves, always go for top plywood companies in India. You can check the products by Greenply here leading interior infrastructure company of India.

2. Plywood Coffee tables with storage
A stylish coffee table with a storage space lets your books take center stage. A double duty coffee table with an open shelf below it can be used both for storing your favorite reads and for displaying decorative pieces. Ensure that you are using plywood from top plywood companies in India for your coffee table.

Beautiful Living Room Panorama in New Luxury Home

3. Try alternate stacking to add interest
Books stacked up in a large bookshelf might look mundane. Add visual interest by alternate stacking the books vertically and horizontally. Try stacking the books by their color palette. Another way to add visual interest is by using colorful bookends. Use bold colored accessories and picture frames as bookends to make your decor stand out.

4. Add Floating Shelves
Floating shelves right beside your small bedside table provide you with the extra space for storing your books. Also, floating shelves look great and add a visual interest to the walls.

5. Frame a page
There are times when the passages or lines from a particular book keep lingering in your mind long after you have finished reading that book. Frame that passage or line. Use colorful graphic designs to take a print of the lines, frame them. This is an excellent way to keep them fresh in your mind and also share it with others.

6. Add a vintage charm
While brand new glossy covers of hardbound books have a certain appeal but the older books too have a vintage charm. If you have a collection of older and weathered editions of literary classics, use them to add character to your space. You can either keep them on the table tops or flaunt them on the open shelves.

7. Letter Art
From walls to curtains, spread your love for words. Use stencils to spell out a line or phrase on the walls. Use contrasting colors to create a dramatic effect. Letter art curtains in the windows also look cool.
There are hundreds of innovative ideas to display your personality in your home decor. Did we miss anything? Do you have anything in your mind? Share with us in the comment section below.

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