6 Ways To Add Positive Vibes To Your Living Room
Nov 23, 2018 | By: admin

Living room being the centre of your house speaks a lot about yourself. It’s the space where you entertain people and spend time with friends and family; hence, the way you create its character through decor is very important. Over here we discuss 6 ways to add positive vibes to your living room:

1. Classy curtains: A perfect pair of curtains can simply brighten up your living room. While choosing curtains one has to balance aesthetics with functionality. The choice of fabric also depends on the natural sunlight the room gets. If you wish to keep your room cooler and want some privacy, then go for darker colors and thicker fabric. Sheer curtains will let in sunlight and make your room look brighter. To have the best of both the worlds, opt for a sheer curtain along with a heavier set of drapes, creating a beautiful contrast.

6 ways to add positive vibes to your living room
2. Eccentric coffee table: Coffee tables in distinctive shapes and sizes can add a splash of quirkiness to your living room. For example, sharp hexagonal tables with veneer tops can serve as the focal point of the room. For coffee tables, you can explore our range of decorative veneers

3. Photo wall: A photo wall is the best way to add a personal touch to your living room. You can tell your story with photos from your childhood, wedding, vacations, and office parties. Your favorite artwork is you, so turn that empty wall into a canvas and paint your story. There are many ways to arrange your pictures. You can choose photo frames of different sizes and arrange them in a random, yet beautiful, order. If you don’t want to take the pain of selecting each and every frame, then you can also go for collage photo frames.

4.  Artwork: You don’t have to buy an expensive piece of artwork to lend a unique touch to your living room. However, you just have to be careful that they go with your decor. You can also go for framed quotes so that every morning you get up inspired. And, if you are still hiding that Marilyn Monroe or Beatles posters that you bought when you were 17, it’s time to get them framed and let the artwork do the talking.

5. Quirky cushions: Off-beat and vintage cushions are the best way to liberate your living room from monotony. They add a dash of eccentricity and personality to your house. If you are die-hard Bollywood fan, you can choose quirky Bollywood cushions that can give your room a dramatic touch. With your cushions you can let the world know whether you are on Gabbar’s side or Thakur’s. Sounds quite filmy right?

6. Rugs: Rugs are an awesome way to give any space life and personality. A rug immediately brightens up a room and makes it look well-balanced. You can place either your centre table on your rug or you can just place it slightly diagonally with your accent chair, giving the space a look of a reading nook.

6 Ways To Add Positive Vibes To Your Living Room
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