6 Insanely Cool Tips to Turn Your Boring Kitchen into a Vibrant One
Feb 10, 2017 | By: admin

Want to punch up the décor of your bland kitchen? If yes, then let us tell you that you do not need to burn a hole in your pocket to give your kitchen a vibrant look. Here are 6 cool ideas to give your kitchen a dynamic makeover:

1. Paint the kitchen cabinets
Paint the kitchen cabinets in vibrant hues. Kitchens with painted cabinets will instantly make your kitchen appear brighter and make it stand out. You can choose brighter hues such as orange, shades of yellow and green. You can even match the cabinet colors with that of your walls. In that case, use a brighter or darker shade of the wall colors. When installing cabinet always use fire-retardant plywood. This will ensure the safety of your kitchen furniture. Now you can buy plywood online in India. Check our range of plywood online at Greenplyplywood.

6 Insanely Cool Tips To Turn Your Boring Kitchen Into A Vibrant One
2. An accent wall
Use a bright and energizing color to highlight a particular wall of your kitchen. Painting one focal wall in the bright shade while keeping all the other walls subdued gives your kitchen a sophisticated look. If you want to add texture, you can also use bricks and tiles.

3. A Crockery Gallery
You can easily spice up your kitchen by creating a nice and vibrant display of the exotic crockery sets you have in your home. This is the simplest way to turn your kitchen into an elegant and vibrant space. If you have open wooden or plywood shelves in your kitchen, arrange the crockery sets and other tableware carefully. You can even use hooks and racks to show off your collection of coffee mugs.

4. Display your food
You can bring a genuine vibrancy in your kitchen by creating an interesting display of fruits, vegetables, and other food items. Do not stack the colorful fruits in the fridge. Instead, neatly arrange them in a basket or glass bowls and keep it on the table top. Use glass jars to store cinnamon sticks, pasta, nuts, and cookies. Add texture to your kitchen by creating an interesting display of these food items.

5. Update your backsplash
This is yet another easiest way to create a vibrant kitchen. Use statement tiles in vibrant patterns and colors to inject life in your kitchen. Striking patterns and geometric shapes instantly spruce up your kitchen.

6. Paint the interiors of your cabinets
Give your cabinets a cheerful splash of colors. If you do not want to paint your walls or the entire cabinet, you can paint the inside of your cabinets in bright colors. This will make them pop and create an interesting focal point in your kitchen. You can apply this idea on your kitchen shelves or glass display cabinets.

With these insanely cool ideas, you can easily give your kitchen a vibrant twist. We hope that you will find these ideas helpful.

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