5 Small Decor Changes to Welcome Summers
Mar 09, 2017 | By: admin

Feeling inspired to bring the bright and sunny colours of summers indoor? If yes, then you are reading the right article. From your bedroom to the living room, here's how you can bring the bright and breezy vibe of summers inside your home:

1. Go natural
Remove the heavy rugs from the floor. Bring inside nature by using plywood for tables and chairs. Paint them in green hues to get a fresh feeling. Keep bright flowers for a fresh and casual feel. You can also create a cottage-like feeling just at the entryway of your home. Install a few open shelves made of plywood. Decorate it with DIY artwork; keep pitcher bottles and eco-friendly material such as bamboo vases to complement the natural decor.

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2. Don’t block the view
There is no other better way to welcome summers than enjoying the uncluttered views of the lush outdoors. Adjust the furniture placement at your home. If the openings of your windows in the living room give you a great view of your garden or a nearby park or any other natural setting such as a lake, move the sofa towards your window.

3. Create a spot to relax
It can get claustrophobic staying indoors during the evenings, so make the most out of your garden or backyard by transforming into a place to relax and watch the sun melt away. If you have a big backyard, put garden sofas and dining tables and chairs to enjoy the evening summer breeze with your family and friends. Keep a vase of bright and colourful flowers to add character and unique touch to the place. You can also hang lanterns made of glass, brass or woven bamboo to create a softening effect.

4. Brighten your interiors
Summer is all about bright hues. Citrus shades add to the mood of summers. Throw a few pillows on the sofa in different citrus shades. Use covers of various patterns and colours. Experiment with stripes and block prints in bright shades of yellow, orange, fuchsia, lime, and pink. You can also use colours to bring in a coastal feeling. Pale blues and greys on the walls and the fabric in your room add more interest to the room.

5. Set the mood with light
A small adjustment in the lighting arrangement in your room can dramatically change your decor. Install a few patio lanterns in your room. You can add more interest to the decor with pendant lighting and candles. These not only light up your room but also double as a decorative piece.

Summer decor is all about setting the right mood by creating a relaxing environment. Try these tips and we are sure that you will feel like taking a day off and enjoy the summer days lazing around your home and admiring the decor.

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