5 Secrets Ideas To Decorate Your Teen's Room
5 Secrets Ideas To Decorate Your Teen's Room
Jun 20, 2016 | By: admin

Planning to deck up your teenager’s room? If yes then try to find out what interests him/her. As kids grow, their taste and personality change. They start becoming conscious of their likes and dislikes. That is why it is important to arrange their room in a way that expresses their personality. If you are planning to revamp your teen’s room, then these secrets might help you:
1. Select a Theme for the Room
Choosing a theme makes it easy for you to arrange the room decor. Understand what they love. For instance, if he/she is a fan of a particular music band, choose a similar theme. Consult your teenager to help you get some ideas
2. Go for Wall Art, Decorative Veneers or Wallcovers
Teenagers prefer rooms that are fun and reflect their personality. Add a fun twist to the room’s walls with creative designs. Use stencils to create attractive wall designs. Use oversized wall décor art that expresses their style. For a geeky teen you can go for math all art. You can also use decorative veneers on side of beds, table tops, and partitions to add an extra dose of chic. For more details, please click here. You can also opt for wallcovers to add to the theme of the room. Checkout our wide range of Greenteriors wallcovers and go for the design that suits their personality the best.

Wallcovers for Teen's Room
3. Play with Colours
Bright room decor works best for teenagers. Use vibrant hues such as shades of rich pink, salmon, sunny yellow, neutral beige to give a positive and cheerful look to the walls. And don’t feel scared of breaking free from design conventions. Think outside blue for a boy’s room and pink for a girl’s.
4. Plan Storage Space Wisely
Install plenty of drawers and cabinets in your teen’s room. Enough storage space will ensure that your teen is keeping the room clutter-free. Make storage fun for your teen. Buy multipurpose furniture; for instance, buy bed that can also be used as a storage space. This will save a lot of space. Include a built-in cabinet in the wall. Install wooden shelves or benches that can be used as storage space. This will keep the room neat and clean. Check out our products Green Club and Green Gold  for beds, wardrobes, cabinets, study table, etc.

5. Pay Attention to the Layout
Plan the layout according to the available space. When planning, consider how much space important furniture such as bed, wardrobe, table and chair will occupy. If you want to keep additional furniture, then plan ahead so that the room doesn’t look cramped.  
Hope you found these 5 tips useful. Stay tuned to this space for more décor tips.

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