5 Key Differences Between MR Grade Plywood and BWP Plywood
5 Key Differences Between MR Grade Plywood and BWP Plywood
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Choosing the right kind of plywood can be tricky. MR (moisture-resistant) and BWP (boiling waterproof) plywood might seem the same, but they offer different levels of water resistance. To make the right choice, you need to understand their differences. This will help protect your investment and ensure your furniture lasts longer.


In the world of plywood, moisture resistance and waterproofing take centre stage as pivotal factors to ponder. 


Moisture-resistant plywood is your reliable shield against humidity, ideal for damp environments. However, it falls short of being completely waterproof. On the flip side, boiling waterproof (BWP) plywood is like a dependable raincoat, capable of withstanding even fluctuating weather conditions without suffering delamination. 


These differences are akin to choosing between a sturdy umbrella and a resilient raincoat for your woodworking projects.


Let’s look at some of the notable distinctions between these two categories that tackle a similar aspect of home protection.




MR & BWP: Plywood with Boiling Potential to Defy Moisture




Moisture Resistant Plywood (MR), true to its name, can bravely fend off everyday water and moisture challenges, yet it stands up to humidity and splashes. However, it doesn’t qualify as completely waterproof.

Boiling Waterproof Plywood, in the realm of water resistance, reigns supreme like an invincible fortress, earning its title as the ultimate waterproof champion.

MR-grade plywood finds itself at the heart of furniture craftsmanship being suitable for an array of furniture categories ranging from cosy beds and inviting sofas to elegant tables, chairs, spacious wardrobes, and even chic TV tables.

BWP plywood, on the other hand, opens the creative floodgates to the construction of any furniture imaginable. A water warrior, it fearlessly stays unruffled in the face of heavy rain without succumbing to delamination.

The MR-grade plywood has been assigned the specification number IS:303 by the Bureau of Indian Standards.

The BWP-grade plywood has been assigned the IS:710 specification number by the Bureau of Indian Standards.

MR grade plywood boasts full immunity against borers and termites and even throws in a generous 5-year warranty for added peace of mind.

BWP plywood boasts complete resistance to borers and termites, offering peace of mind for wood enthusiasts. Moreover, it often includes an impressive warranty, spanning from a solid 8 years all the way up to a lifetime guarantee.

While MR plywood certainly offers commendable strength and endurance, it's important to note that its quality falls somewhat short when measured against the superior strength and durability of BWP-grade plywood.

BWP plywood reigns supreme as the most robust option on the market. Its exceptional strength is attributed to multiple factors: a high number of plies, undiluted resins and adhesives, and the use of top-notch raw materials in crafting plywood sheets.


Which Ply Is Best for Kitchen Spaces?




In kitchen areas, BWP (Boiling Waterproof) plywood takes the spotlight over MR (Moisture Resistant) plywood. BWP's formidable waterproof qualities are like a plate of armour, ensuring kitchen cabinets and countertops remain unscathed by spills, splashes, and the relentless demands of a bustling culinary hub, making it the top choice for enduring elegance.


How Is Warping Different from Delamination?


Warping in plywood means it bends or twists due to moisture or temperature changes, often due to uneven moisture absorption. Delamination is when its layers separate due to adhesive failure. In short, warping is about physical distortion, while delamination is layer separation caused by adhesive problems. Hence. MR & BWP plywood are great options to avoid such situations where your spaces suffer from water-related damages. 


Opt for Durability Against Moisture with Greenply 


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