5 Decorating Signs That You Might Be an Adventurer at Heart
5 Decorating Signs That You Might Be an Adventurer at Heart
Aug 26, 2016 | By: admin

Your home decor is the extension of your personality and your taste. From your choice of food to your decor style, everything correlates with the person you are at the core of your heart. Do you love to experiment a lot? Is your style an eclectic one? If yes, then you might be an adventurer at heart. Here we discuss a few decor signs that point out you’re an irresistible adventurer and full of life with joie de vivre.

1. Adventurers Experiment with Colors
Adventurers love to dwell in a colorful world and when it comes to choosing colors for their home, they love to experiment. They usually do not follow any rules. They love bold prints, design patterns and bright colors. They are not afraid of going for unusual color patterns. Bright colors such as cerulean blue, canary yellow, fuchsia, pink and orange attract them.

2. Do You Love Making A Bold Statement? Because Adventurers Do!
Painting the ceiling bright while keeping the walls mellowed might seem a crazy idea to you but that’s normal for adventurers. They are not afraid of making bold and crazy choices. They mix and match unique artworks. They usually go for a contemporary or an urban home decor style with an eclectic style of designing, that is, they choose a methodically mismatched style of decor. For instance, they might play with shapes such as a square or rectangular contemporary table with vintage chairs.

3. They Strike a Balance with Variety
Less is always more for adventurers. They try a myriad of design concept in terms of art, color, texture, patterns, without going overboard. For instance, if they are using bold patterns and artwork for decorating the house, they will keep the color muted. This creates a visual cohesion.

4. Their Decor Style is Crisp yet Cozy
They temper with styles. For instance, they might team a bright oriental rug with a weathered wooden sideboard or mix shiny decorative pieces with matte ones. This helps them create a textural interplay while creating a sleek yet stylish effect.

5. They Leave Blank Spaces
You might think that they forgot to decorate the wall but they have actually chosen not to display anything. They make a bold statement by leaving an entire wall or any other space blank.

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