4 Warm-Weather Decor Ideas
4 Warm-Weather Decor Ideas
Aug 30, 2018 | By: admin

If you live in a place where the summers are hot and humid, then here’s a list of decorating tricks to infuse a sense of cool breeze flowing in your home.

1) Play with eye-pleasing colors for a calm & cool yet not boring ambience:-

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Create a blank canvas-like backdrop by painting the walls with neutral colors such as beige and washed white. Play with white (check the white lamp shade, white vases, white upholstery, white curtains, and white ceramic side tables) because it’s one of the few colors that can have the spotlight without taking over the space entirely. Finish by adding pops of fun colors by choosing bright-colored throw pillows and fresh blooms. Add a bit of vintage drama with a low-hanging chandelier. 

2) Deck up with plants & create an energetic home office:-

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Recreate the refreshing feeling of being close to greenery by bringing in a variety of indoor plants. Plants, regardless of the type, naturally cool down the heated and anxiety-ridden vibe in rooms.

Choose furniture items such as an armless chair and a dresser with highlights of green for a perfect follow-up. For a cool, picturesque cottage-like vibe, choose indoor vines such as Ivy, String of Pearls, and Creeping Fig. Potted plants in open shelves always elicit a cool and serene response in any room.

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3) Light and airy ambiance:-


Spending lazy, memorable summer afternoons gossiping with your friends or revisiting your old music/photo collection is as much about the ambiance as it is about the time of the year.

Let your bedroom cherish the summer days with a light and airy decor. To master this look, play with greens. A couple of indoor plants, green-inspired art, lightweight drapes, plush headboard, light quilts (if you keep AC on for the most part of the day), and bare flooring are the secrets to make your bedroom an unmistakable oasis. An open-shelved cabinet displaying fresh blooms, ceramic vases, photo frames, and personal memorabilia is a great way to personalize the space.

4) Tone down the scorching heat with a monochrome living room decor:-

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Amidst the buzzy and restless summer chaos, a black and white living room decor can help you create that much-needed tranquil space. You can dedicate one of the blank walls to create a monochrome focal point.

Start with choosing monochrome artwork; make sure to mix and match the sizes and orientation. Mono-colored flower pot stands such as these ones add more intrigue. Accessorize with a mono-colored studio light and a set of plywood table and chairs.

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