Environmental Sustainability & Forest Management by Greenply
Giving back to nature for sustainability
Environmental Sustainability

The secret to a sustained business achievement lies in the goodwill we earn in the industry and among our customers. For a business that owes its resources to nature, it is important to give back in equal measure. Greenply, however, believes in a two-fold principle – take as little from nature as possible, and give back more. While as much as 97% of Greenply sheets are sourced from plantation timber, we have actively undertaken plantation activities in India. We believe in maintaining ecological harmony, and work tirelessly to achieve the same.

Our Approach Towards Forest Management

Greenply is involved in a business that works closely with nature. Working towards sustainability is no longer an option but a necessity. We have developed an Integrated Farm Management Plan/ Manual with an objective of Sustainable Farm Management practices to develop and implement in the project area. The ultimate aim is to promote Farm Forestry in MON district of Nagaland which enhances the quality and livelihood of the local group members associated with the project. Our approach towards forest management aims at improving the sustainability of our planet and touching the lives of the natives.

Introducing & Popularising Okoume in the Plywood Industry

At Greenply, we have introduced Okoume- a sustainable substitute for forest timber among industrial peers. We are visiting different regions in India, holding meetings with plywood manufacturers and educating them on the need to use the same to maximize their profits. We also share our R&D with them, thereby helping the industry to grow and sustain itself.

Entering New Frontiers

On July 14, 2016, we at Greenply decided to spread our presence to Africa. Holding a massive 26% market share in the plywood industry of India, we decided to set up a manufacturing facility at Gabon in West Africa.

- The facility is located at the NKOK- a special economic zone covering an area of 10 hectares, and is considered to be a sprawling paradise of Okoume face veneers.

- The Greenply unit in Gabon manages the Okoume saw-mill and other hardwood species like Padouk and Tali.

- The unit boasts of being the largest manufacturer of rotary face veneers in Gabon.

Gabon is the perfect answer to solve issues with ecological imbalance via Sustainable Forest Management.

Greenply is all about building a sustainable operational framework. Our service goes beyond decorating your living space. We strive to execute our work with finesse along with inculcating values, capacity, and resources.