Greenply- Focussing on the Health, Education & Skill Development
Going beyond the boundaries of business
Greenply Foundation

At Greenply Foundation, we strive to bring about a positive change in the society as we tackle widespread issues such as health, education and skill development. Laying emphasis on environmental sustainability as well, our focus extends across all-round development of both nature and mankind.

Healthcare Initiative

Under the Greenply Foundation, healthcare is recognized as a segment that requires attention. We decided to take necessary steps to address this issue by providing requisite healthcare support to bring about a change in the lives of people around us.

Healthcare Project through Mobile Medical Van (MMV)

An ongoing healthcare project undertaken by us through Mobile Medical Van (MMV) in the nearby villages of Tizit, Dist.- Mon, Nagaland provides basic diagnostic, medicine, curative, referral and counselling services to the rural population. The initiative aims to improve the access to medical services in the remote areas and bring awareness among the community towards healthy and hygienic living.

Community/Social Development

While taking appropriate steps to ensure development among communities, we strive to uplift society through various programs. This can be seen through our attempts to provide education, foster talents, and many such initiatives.

Women's Day 2019- Empowering Womanhood

We at Greenply believe in equal opportunities for all. Our Tizit factory comprises more than 130 resources and works with a network of over 550 female architects across the nation. On March 8, 2019, we took a step towards the betterment of women by actively including them in the carpentry industry - a sector majorly dominated by male artisans. To encourage carpentry work among women, we collaborated with Archana Women's Centre - an NGO based out of Kerala and launched India’s first Women Carpentry Team.

Greenply Puja Ramp- #PujoForAll

Our initiative during Durga Puja in 2018 and 2019 compelled people to sit back and take note. Our dedication to support the differently abled was the basic thought that inspired us to come up with #PujoForAll. We decided to provide a simple ramp made of plywood to make the puja pandals wheelchair-friendly. Puja committees were urged to share their pandal layout using #NeedARamp or #HasARamp on social media basis which a one-of-a-kind map was created for pandals across Kolkata which were ramp enabled and thereby, made the festive celebration a ‘Pujo for All’.

Educational Development

Every individual is born with the right to education and the power to shape their own destiny. While recognizing the significance of the same, we took the responsibility to highlight the power of education among the weaker sections of the society where there was little or no access to schools and colleges.

Sponsoring Girl Child Education

In association with Udayan Care - an NGO in West Bengal, we at Greenply undertook an initiative to support the deserving and talented girls from economically weaker sections of the society. Udayan’s Shalini Fellowship Programme was a unique academic excellence and personality development program that aimed at empowering girls and women. Its singularity lay in the fact that it went beyond the typical Scholarship Programs to bring a change. Apart from encouraging higher education, essentials of leadership development was also taught to foster a sense of social responsibility.

Skill Development

Owing to several reasons, the school drop-out rate in India is quite high, gradually leading to unemployment of prospective talented individuals. The end result? A major chunk of the talent pool remains untapped. In this regard, skill development initiatives were taken up by us to synergistically fill the gap between manpower and industrial requirement. We identified skills development as an area that deserved attention and with the goal to provide more avenues for employment to the youth, we came up with the Carpenter Orientation Program in association with Skill India.

Through this initiative, we empowered and helped carpenters who were well-versed in their skills but had not received any professional recognition for their work. The certification was a step towards achieving recognition for their existing knowledge and providing them with better opportunities in the future.


Environmental Preservation

With a vision to ensure better environmental resources along with provision of additional income to farmers, we at Greenply stress on the promotion of large-scale replenishable plantations through Project Plantation.

Project Plantation

The idea behind this project was to plant fast-growing species of trees on infertile hill slopes with the aim of regenerating the land. In a short span of time, the plants grew into trees which the farmers collected and sold as hardwood to industries. The initiative helps farmers to earn extra income alongside agricultural activities. It is also instrumental in solving issues such as soil erosion, land degradation etc.

  • A nursery and clonal propagation centre were set up in Tizit to introduce genetically superior planting material
  • Free saplings are distributed to local farmers who gradually become the owner of a particular tree
  • Currently, in Tizit, Mon district, Nagaland, sapling development and distribution initiative covers nearly 1200 acres of land in Tizit area