World Health Day Brings Greener Solutions to the Table
World Health Day Brings Greener Solutions to the Table
Apr 07, 2023 | By: admin

On the occasion of World Health Day, let’s take a moment to remember that our homes are more than just physical structures made of bricks and walls. They are the embodiment of comfort and joy, where small moments transform into cherished memories, and where generations build a lasting legacy. However, even within the confines of our supposedly safe homes may lurk potential health risks that we rather not overlook.

Recent studies have revealed that the air we breathe inside our homes and buildings contains harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) such as Formaldehyde, which pose a threat to our health and well-being. 

As we observe World Health Day, it's crucial to highlight the harmful effects of formaldehyde present in industrial resins and adhesives used for bonding plywood.

Most of the plywood available in the market is bonded with adhesives containing formaldehyde-based compounds like Phenol-Formaldehyde or Urea Formaldehyde. Therefore, our furniture contributes to these formaldehyde emissions and exacerbates indoor air pollution. 

Prolonged exposure to formaldehyde emissions from such furniture can cause severe health issues. These health concerns range from skin irritation, burning eyes, headaches, and nausea, to even serious breathing problems. Therefore, choosing plywood and furniture that adheres to formaldehyde emission standards to safeguard our health and well-being has never been more crucial. 

Therefore, there was, for a long time, a pressing need for the development of zero-emission plywood to ensure safer and healthier indoor environments. On this year’s World Health Day, as a customer-focused & future-forward organization, Greenply takes this occasion to highlight this need and the subsequent solution that it brought to the home industry as a throwback on zero-emission innovation which was a first of its kind in India - E-0  plywood ranging from its elite Platinum™ & Club™ series to its mid-premium GOLD™, Absolute™ & Flexiply™ variants.

This solution not only addresses health concerns but also adheres to global emission standards set by the CARB & EPA body. As a trusted and leading plywood brand in India, Greenply's commitment to health and safety remains indomitable. 

It’s time we take a closer look at our health choices & choose products that align with the vision towards a greener future.

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Protect kitchen plywood cabinets from damage using Greenply's BWP & fire-retardant plywood. This can prolong the life of the plywood cabinets and save money in the long run.