Wood Crrests Veneers - The Best Option for Living Room
Wood Crrests Veneers - The Best Option for Living Room
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The living room is the heart of your home. From modest family get-to-together to hosting intimate soirees, the living room is a space that is always abuzz with activity, vigor, and entertainment. 


But while crafting its aesthetics, you would want to refine the spaces with the fine finishing touches. The good news is that living rooms give you ample opportunities for experimentation. From designing its cabinets, interiors to walls, etc. using the best material can lend a magnificent and elegant style to every nook and corner of the space.




Though glassware and metal enjoy their share of popularity, wood and its by-products remain the undisputed choices when it comes to interior designing and styling. Owing to its natural warmth and potential to create comfortable spaces, it is no wonder that many architects, designers, and homebuyers rely on wood to accentuate their interiors. Out of its many alternatives, decorative wood veneers are emerging as the popular option for elevating our living spaces. When it comes to adding those finishing touches, these veneers epitomize bespoke royalty. It's because of these reasons, many call veneers to be the “finest expression of wood.”


The natural wood veneers add depth to any wooden project while preserving the beauty and look of varied wooden species.


But what exactly are these veneers? Let’s explore them in great detail.


What are Natural Wood Veneers?




Natural veneers are sourced from exotic species with distinct grain and texture that carry a very elegant and distinct appeal. Highly regarded for its notable qualities, many modern buyers are driven towards their allure.


Why Should You Use Natural Veneers for Your Living Room? 


Natural decorative wood veneers are widely used for furniture, doors, panel work, etc., and are perfect for the living room. Bestowing a heightened sense of allure and royalty, these decorative veneer sheets blend easily into every space. As they are sourced naturally, they impart a natural look and feel to the room, whilst making them look classy and debonair. Therefore, the next question arises: Where can you find high-quality natural decorative wood veneer sheets?

Choose Wood Crrests Veneer from Greenply


With the market being flooded with an array of options, it is obvious for anyone to get befuddled while settling down on the right choice. If you want to look for natural decorative veneers, then go for a brand that enjoys a reputation of trust and credibility.


Greenply, one of the leading and most trusted interior infrastructure companies in India, offers a wide collection of natural decorative wood veneers under its brand Wood Crrests. Not only do they imbue panache and opulence to your living spaces but are also responsible for making homes more personalized and premium.




Available in more than 1100+ shades and textures - one will surely be spoilt for choice. Some of the bestselling collection includes Deco Real (natural), Fumed Nouveau (dark/roasted), Sterling Solitaire (silver sheen) and Farbivo (dyed) , these veneers are hallmarks of quality and class. They can enhance interiors, especially living rooms, and strike a balance between simplicity and contemporary.


Owing to its qualities, here's why Greenply Wood Crrests veneers stand unrivaled from the rest


  • Borer-proof and termite-resistant
  • Customised sizes available
  • 0.55mm face veneer thickness
  • 3.55mm base ply of Keruing/Gurjan
  • Standard Sizes - 2440x1220mm, 3050x1220mm



Choose Natural Decorative Veneer Sheets from Greenply Wood Crrests to Elevate Your Living Room Interiors


When it comes to redefining your living room, you want to make a lasting impression. To make it stand out from the rest, you have to spruce up the look and feel of the space. This is where natural wood decorative veneers come in. You can apply different polishes to spruce it up. For example, when you use the Deco Real it imparts a warm, natural look to the surfaces.


Your living room is the cynosure of your home. It deserves to look the best and polished at all times. When you embellish it with natural veneers, you not only complement its beauty but also set the scene for the fondest memories to unfold.

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