Why are PVC Doors from Greenply Perfect for Bathrooms?
Why are PVC Doors from Greenply Perfect for Bathrooms?
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Wooden doors have always been known as the undisputed, go-to-option for your homes and a classic favourite among homebuyers and interior designers alike.  But over the years, the home decor industry is  witnessing a paradigm shift from wooden doors to PVC doors. Yes, you heard it right. Sustainability is considered more important than just a beautifully designed interior space therefore PVC doors are  gradually becoming the talk of the town.   It is projected that the PVC doors and windows market alone will show a meteoric rise of more than 7% during the forecast period 2022-2026. Hence, the numbers clearly speak for themselves and are a testament to their striking popularity. The increase in residential and commercial buildings, and the rising awareness about PVC products are some key factors that have propelled PVC doors to eminence. In fact, they are seen as better alternatives for bathroom doors and are gradually outlasting wooden doors.




Why Do PVC Doors Fit Well for Your Bathroom?


While bathrooms have conventionally been outfitted with wooden doors, it has been observed that they get mossy and worn out within a long span of time. PVC doors, on the other hand, are more resistant to moisture and humidity and can last long than their wooden counterparts. Owing to such features, PVC doors are  growing in demand. PVC doors  are  mainly seen as interior doors for bathrooms and balconies.




Accentuates the Appeal:

The good thing about PVC is that you will definitely be spoilt with choices. In other words, PVC is available in varied colours and designs.  So, you can choose a PVC door to achieve the look for your bathroom.


Excels Highly in Strength and Durability:

PVC can endure shock and abrasion. It is strengthened with polymeric reinforcement to avoid weathering. Additionally, they also show resistance against rotting, warping and fading. 



PVC Doors are Customisable. You can either choose from their range of doors or have the provision to design one that exclusively caters to your preferences and taste.


Simple to Maintain:

Wooden doors are a task in maintenance. They need considerable polishing and painting for their lasting appeal. But that does not always prevent rusting and warping. This is why switching to a uPVC door is indeed a cost-effective maintenance free alternative. it is not affected by stains or discoloration and can even bear damps. Only timely cleaning is enough to keep these doors clean.




Greenply: One-stop Destination for PVC Doors for Your Bathroom


Now that we have already discussed the distinct features of PVC and UPVC doors, the next step is to know which brand offers the best range. Greenply, India’s best plywood brand also markets a comprehensive range of PVC products including boards and doors Since they are lead free , they keep indoors safe and protected and are eco-friendly in nature: They help in promoting sustainability and contribute to an environment-friendly lifestyle. Two of their well-known products Green Ndure Rokoko and Green Ndure Commandoo come with fire retardant properties and are like borer, termite, and water and rot proof.


Green Ndure Commandoo:

They comprise the economical range of uPVC doors that offer stability with an everlasting impression. They are easy to clean, install and maintain and is available in single and moulded shutter frames. 


Green Ndure Rokoko:

They embody the qualities of versatility and style. They come in elegant designs and stylish finishes that add to  the charm and appeal of your home. These are 30mm thick stylish single panel doors that come withoptions matching door frames.




Options of Available Thickness of the Doors.

Sizes (Only Shutter) in Length x Width

  • 1.98m*0.69m
  • 1.98m*0.76m
  • 2.06m*0.69m
  • 2.06m*0.76m

Length x Width 

Every space in our home deserves refurbishment. Bathrooms are not an exception to this. The ultimate goal of your bathroom should be your personal oasis of comfort and rejuvenation.While sprucing up these spaces with contemporary touches and finishes, the innate practicality and functionality of them should not be compromised. This is why you should build them with PVC doors as they  contribute to both utility and appearance.

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