What Are the Different Types of Plywood and Their Uses?
What are the Different Types of Plywood and Their Uses?
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If you are planning to renovate your house and you are still confused between custom-made furniture and ready-made furniture, then you are on the right page. Instead of having a ready-made piece of furniture that doesn’t suit your space and your taste, go for a custom piece that exactly brings the style, colour, and texture that you want. You get to choose the material, finish, size and shape of the furniture that’s simply perfect for your home.




To get the most out of your money, use quality Greenply plywood products for your home or office furniture. There are inherent benefits of using plywood as the material is sturdy, has high impact resistance and has surface dimensional stability.


Explore Greenply Plywood to Give Your Furniture a Unique Feel


Get your furniture custom-made to give it a stylish look and make it effectively functional. Use plywood products from Greenply Plywood, one of the best quality plywood brands, to give your furniture exclusivity and a reflection of your sensibilities and style. Our plywood products are a trusted choice across the country.


Green Platinum -


The kitchen is one place in the house that witnesses the most action. If you want to lend your kitchen a rustic charm, there is no dearth of decorating ideas. Plywood kitchen cabinets are a great way to give them a sophisticated flair. Whether you want your kitchen decor to be traditional or contemporary, Green Platinum is perfect for kitchen cabinets and kitchen islands.




Fireproof plywood is the first natural choice for kitchen cabinets. Besides being fireproof, Green Platinum is also boiling water resistant and protects cabinets from high levels of moisture in the kitchen.

Fire Resistance - According to the Indian Plywood Industries Training & Research Institute report, Greenply’s fire-retardant plywood has the properties of delaying the spread of fire by 2 times.  
Boiling Water Resistance - The presence of unextended boiling waterproof resin inside the veneer sheets in Green platinum makes it a game changer. Our super-quality plywood has successfully passed the 144hr boiling water test. 
Money Back Guarantee - Enjoy 30 years warranty on manufacturing defects with a 2X money-back promise.


Green Club 700 -


Green Club 700 is our premium quality boiling waterproof and fire-retardant plywood. The veneer sheets in BWP plywood are bonded using synthetic plastic resin, which is resistant to water. Furniture and cabinets that are more exposed to water, like the kitchen area, should be constructed with boiling waterproof plywood. 

Boiling WaterProof - Greenply’s Green Club 700 is 100% waterproof plywood. BWP plywood doesn't lose its shape due to the attack of water. BWP plywood, being moisture-resistant, is one of the long-lasting plywood available in the plywood industry.

Fire-Retardant - Green Club 700 is fire-retardant, which helps in less smoke emission during fire hazards, which is a blessing.

Zero Emission Plywood - E0 emission plywood gives the purest indoor air
quality without suffocation or eye irritation. Therefore, zero-emission plywood assures better health for our lovable customers.

Warranty - Green Club 700 comes with a 700% lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects, making it the right choice.



 Green Gold Plywood -


An expertly crafted piece of furniture can elevate the overall look of your house. Furniture items like wardrobes, cabinets, dining tables and beds are designed specifically for maximising their functionality. To make your furniture pieces aesthetically appealing and resistant to termites and borers, opt for Green Gold Plywood. This acoustically effective and termite-proof plywood is great for wardrobes, cabinets, dining tables and beds.


Green Club 5 Hundred Plywood -


Whether you want to gift yourself an offbeat sofa, zigzag wall shelves, or a coffee table, Green Club 5 Hundred Plywood is an ideal choice. 
The plywood product is versatile as it is BWP marine and partially fire-retardant, making it elegant and durable. As it’s relatively stable under changes in temperature and moisture, with the right veneer, furniture made of Green Club 5 Hundred Plywood will last long.




Green Marine Grade Plywood - 


Made from selected hardwoods, Green Marine Grade Plywood is a BWP marine plywood, constructed to be highly water-resistant. It is best for your kitchen cabinets where moisture tends to collect. Being structurally strong, Green Marine Grade Plywood is perfect for partition walls as they are meant for long-term use.

To enhance the aesthetic appeal of your plywood furniture, give them the classy finish of decorative veneers by Greenply. Plywood veneers not just give your furniture an exclusive look, but also help protect your furniture from stains. Greenply is the one-stop destination for endless design possibilities to give your furniture an exclusive look.

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We all heard of plywood and veneers. Here we are not only discussing about the different plywood grades which includes BWP, fire retardant, zero emission but we must aware of the difference between veneer and plywood.

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Protect kitchen plywood cabinets from damage using Greenply's BWP & fire-retardant plywood. This can prolong the life of the plywood cabinets and save money in the long run.