Understanding Plywood Pricing with Greenply Plywood Options
Understanding Plywood Pricing with Greenply Plywood
Jan 25, 2024 | By: admin

Plywood prices are subject to a variety of factors, creating a dynamic market that responds to changes in supply, demand, and raw material costs. One of the primary determinants of plywood prices is the logistics cost or delivery cost. That’s why you see different plywood prices in different parts of the country. 


Local Market Demands & Tree Availability Affect Plywood Prices




In the fiscal year 2023-24, the Indian plywood market demonstrated robust growth, reaching an impressive market size of INR 222.3 Billion. This significant milestone reflects the industry's resilience and its pivotal role in the country's construction and interior design sectors. The steady expansion of the plywood market is driven by factors such as booming construction activities and evolving interior design trends!

Moreover, plywood prices are significantly influenced by the availability of the specific tree type which serves as the raw material for the production of the plywood. Manufacturing units, like Greenply's facility in Tizit, strategically position themselves in regions abundant with these trees. Greenply has planted 24.85 million saplings across 31,471 acres to promote agroforestry. These large-scale plantation efforts have streamlined a sustainable supply chain, positively impacting the cost of plywood production.

Some of these trends can be seen in the rise of fire-retardant, BWP and zero-emission plywood. Let’s look at how the price points play a role across all these categories.


Performance Standards of Fire Retardant Plywood As Per Cost


Given the sheer amount of features topped with reassuring warranty periods Greenply packs, the price point does seem surprising. Click here to get a quote.

From being two times as boiling waterproof as regular FR-grade plywood to carrying an E0 rating, Green Platinum ticks all these boxes at unbelievable prices. Get 2X the money back with a 30-year warranty. Now, this plywood promises performance standards that every piece of furniture benefits from. These high standards trickle down to Greenply’s BWP range too. 

Let’s learn how.


Greenply BWP Plywood: Testing The Water Costs Far Less




In the last few years, Greenply has transformed the BWP range and category in the plywood segment. The Ecotec Platinum comes with calibrated plywood that features a 100% composed core. It’s available in a 19 mm size range that comes at an enticing 3685 INR.
Designed to protect your interiors against corrosive agents and harsh weather, Greenply’s BWP range of plywood is a great fit for making any furniture since it ticks all the parameters of marine ply. 


Is 19mm Plywood in High Demand?




Market demand for plywood varies across different width ranges. The heightened demand for 19mm plywood suggests that stakeholders have tapped into the consumers who prefer the strength and durability that this specific thickness provides in construction, interior design, and so on. Notably, the market has shown a pronounced preference for 19mm plywood, with high demand observed in this category. A prime illustration of this trend is exemplified by Greenply 710, which has emerged as a noteworthy player in meeting the heightened market demand for 19mm plywood.

Green 710 by Greenply stands as a testament to the company's keen understanding of market dynamics and consumer preferences. It is available in 19mm plywood size range and comes with a host of features backed up by a long warranty at an unbelievable price. 


Final Word


As the market continues to flourish, it becomes crucial for businesses and consumers to stay attuned to the dynamics influencing plywood prices. Acquiring a sound understanding of these dynamics and exploring options from key players, such as Greenply, can empower stakeholders to make informed decisions in a rapidly evolving industry.




Greenply offers a wide range of plywood products, including structural plywood, decorative plywood, and veneers. Each product line is designed for specific structural applications, becoming the right fit for unique residential and commercial projects. Plus, it comes in E0 variants that are pro-planet. Therefore, investing in Greenply is not only safe, viable and versatile but also ethical and eco-friendly. As consumers increasingly prioritise sustainability, choosing Greenply will continue to entail contributions that foster a responsible and environmentally friendly industry.


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