Timeless Main Door Styles to Bring Aesthetics to Your Home
Timeless Main Door Styles to Bring Aesthetics to Your Home
Feb 19, 2024 | By: admin

Imagine a home without doors — a thought inconceivable regardless of its size, be it a spacious bungalow or a snug apartment. Beyond being mere gateways, doors serve as both protectors from the outside world and contributors to the overall charm of our living spaces. Regrettably, their significance often goes unnoticed. It's time to breathe new life into your home's appearance by exploring innovative and timeless plywood flush door designs that withstand fleeting trends.


Exquisite Arabian Ambiance

Embark on a journey reminiscent of Arabian nights with the classical Arabian double door. Adorned with intricate carvings and a touch of gold, this design emanates a regal aura, effortlessly capturing attention.


Indian Elegance in Wood

For those appreciating Indian aesthetics, the wooden double doors, featuring floral or artistic carvings, offer a blend of tradition and elegance. Crafted for longevity and security, these doors infuse a hint of classic charm into your living space.


Symmetry in Glass

Opt for a symmetrical and classic appeal with the glass panel door. Its white chequered glass design seamlessly fuses timeless and modern elements, catering to aficionados of both styles.


Geometric Minimalism

Choose a minimalist yet stylish entrance with a geometrical wooden door. Symmetrical designs and contrasting shades provide a classic touch to your home's facade.


Teak Radiance with Glass Accents

Infuse sophistication and modernity with a teak door design featuring glass side panels. Intricate carvings enhance the charm, making it a delightful addition to any home.


Space-Saving Elegance

Make a statement with accordion door designs that fold in sections, saving valuable space. Ideal for entryways and room partitions, these doors combine unique design with practical functionality.


Timeless Antique Allure

Minimalistic yet stylish, the antique door design imparts a touch of European or Italian architecture to your home, making a subtle but effective style statement.


African Opulence

Crafted from top-notch woods, African main door designs exude charm and elegance. With minimalistic features, these doors add a touch of sophistication to your living space.


Effortless Sliders

Bypass doors, lightweight and suitable for interiors, are basic sliders that overlap on a parallel axis. Their simplicity and functionality make them a practical choice.


Vintage-Modern Fusion

Combine strength and durability with teak veneer main door designs. Detailed carvings of vines, leaves, and other elements create a captivating fusion of vintage and modern aesthetics.


Why Opt for Greenply Flush Doors?




Discover the perfect combination of aesthetics and strength in Greenply's extensive collection of plywood flush doors. Crafted from BWP-grade plywood, Green Club Doors guarantee long-lasting durability and environmental sustainability. The Ecotec Platinum 710 Doors come with a 15-year warranty, protecting against harsh weather conditions and termites. Meanwhile, the Green Gold Doors, backed by a 25-year warranty, utilize PLC seasoned pine timber to ensure stability. Conforming to IS 2202 standards, these doors are a reliable choice for both commercial and residential use. Resistant to borers and termites, Greenply is one of the most reliable suppliers of plywood flush doors that are suitable for all weather conditions.


Main doors serve as the gateway to your home, reflecting your style, elegance, and lifestyle. Therefore, selecting the right door design is an investment in your home's overall aesthetic appeal. Choosing Greenply doors is a smart decision for various reasons. Crafted from top-notch wood, including plywood flush doors and BWP flush doors, these doors ensure durability and strength. The extensive range of styles, designs, colours, and types caters to diverse preferences and interior styles. Explore a variety of stylish and timeless door designs online, with a focus on prioritising the main door to leave a lasting impression.

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