Things You Must Know Before Buying Plywood
Things You Must Know Before Buying Plywood
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When we purchase our first home, we embark on this extraordinary journey of our artistry and imagination. We go on this creative spree to experiment with different styles and designs.  This includes our furniture too. Adding life and vigour to drab, empty spaces, furniture embodies the soul of our homes. This is why it's pivotal for us to give the furniture  a strong foundation and what could be more durable than plywood. Around 40% of the total cost of the furniture is incurred on plywood therefore one should choose wisely. There are a number of plywood brands and varieties available in the market and one needs to understand which one is best suited.  Remember, the right kind of plywood can bring out the enduring elegance and uniqueness of these wooden masterpieces.

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Six Things You Need to Know Before Investing in Plywood


Grade of the Plywood


Having a clear understanding of plywood grades helps you in determining their quality and utility. For example, if you are planning to buy a plywood for your kitchen which frequently comes in contact with water or even fire, then you should opt for BWP or Boiling Waterproof grade or a FR  or Fire Retardant grade Plywood. Meanwhile, MR Grade Plywood, sometimes also referred to as commercial plywood, finds application where there is no contact with water or sunlight.


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Strength of the Plywood


Generally, every strong plywood is characterised by a set of inherent properties. As the plywood is used for constructing several things including furniture, doors, windows, panels, false ceilings,  etc. it becomes mandatory for users to get acquainted with these attributes.

- High Dimension Stability and Strength:

Plywood should resist splitting and offer uniform strength. In addition to this, it should not expand or contract. This means it should not undergo a change in size due to a change in moisture or humidity content. This characteristic perhaps makes plywood to be one of the desirable building materials out there.

- High Impact Resistance:

Plywood is supposed to bear high tensile strength due to cross lamination of panels that distributes force evenly across huge areas and diminishes tensile stress. Due to this, it can withstand overloading twice its original load. 

- High Shear Strength:

Shear strength refers to the impact of chemical treatment of wood veneers on bond capacity. Generally,  plywood with treated veneers carry more shear strength than plywood with non-treated veneers. When you add veneers to the plywood, the shear strength becomes double that of any regular solid wood

- Flexibility and Bendability:

Upon comparison to any solid wood, plywood can be customised to fit buyer’s requirements. You will come across some special plywood that can bend without breaking or causing any damage. This makes plywood useful for making furniture with curved surfaces.

- Thermal and Sound Insulation:

Plywood is meant to be a good noise and thermal insulator. The insulating properties of plywood lowers down your heating and cooling costs.


strong durable greeenply plywood


Quality Testing


A sign of a strong plywood is it has undergone a series of stringent tests that assures great quality and benefits. For the layman to know what these tests are, we have jotted them down below 

- Strong Moisture or Water Resistance:

Under the water resistance test, the plywood is subjugated to alternate drying and wetting conditions. If you are in the search of a strong water plywood, then you can consider Marine Grade Plywood. Marine Grade Plywood is made with special layers of glue or resin so that it prevents the moisture from seeping in. This makes Marine Grade an ideal choice for building materials that come in frequent exposure to water. 

- Heat Resistance:

The heat resistance test is conducted to assess whether the plywood delaminates when subjected to heat and dry conditions

- Fire Resistance:

grade plywood is made to go through stringent tests as per BIS standards. From rate of burning, fire penetration to inflammability, all these tests are conducted to ensure the plywood offered is fire resistant as per IS:5509. 


Termite, Fungus and Borer Proof  Plywood


Termites and borers are the nuisances that do not spare your furniture at all. They weaken their foundation, thus reducing their lifespan. Moreover, they deplete the sheer beauty and aesthetics of your furniture. Therefore treated plywood helps in reducing the insect infestation to keep the furniture safe from borer, fungus or termite. 


termite borer fungus proof plywood




You have come across terms like fire retardant and eco-friendly plywood. It is always better to check the authenticity through the certifications from recognised certifying bodies. In this way, they are able to generate trust and confidence among potential buyers. For instance, Greenply offers Zero Emission Plywood conforms to E-0 formaldehyde emissions as per European standard and also approved internationally by- CARB (California Air Resources Board) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).  




Any strong and durable plywood usually comes with a warranty period of 5-25 years of warranty, sometimes even lifetime. Warranty is given against manufacturing defects like delamination, bending or even borer and fungus. Case in point Greenply offers a 7 times money back guarantee on its Green Club Plus Seven Hundred or even Green Gold Platinum Plywood that comes with a warranty of 27 years and a 200% money back promise. Warranty is also a parameter that speaks volume of the strength and durability a brand promises.

What differentiates a good house and great house is the plywood you use. Your furniture is more than just a piece of wood. They are repositories of many stories and attachments. From building the first study table to a life-sized couch for those personal soirees, each of them carry a legacy of shared emotions and sentiments. In this way, they beautifully imbue an ageless appeal to your abode. To craft these wooden structures with unmatched quality plywood, visit the Greenply website.

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