Plywood Furniture Trends That Dominated Interiors In 2023
Plywood Furniture Trends That Dominated Interiors In 2023
Dec 21, 2023 | By: admin

As we bid farewell to the concluding chapters of 2023, we look back at the trends that shaped our interior design choices this year. This year saw us embrace nature and find our sense of belongingness to our roots. Regional culturalism emerged as one of the key factors driving our decision-making. From art & cinema to home decor, we reconnected with our culture, tradition and our surroundings. The importance of a connection with nature, as well as our own cultural heritage, has stood out as a recurrent theme of 2023, which we believe will continue to have its effect in the upcoming year as well.




Designs Inspired By Nature Comes Home


In 2023, a notable shift unfolded in design trends, placing a strong emphasis on connecting with nature. The rise of biophilic designs and natural plywood furniture marked a profound change, fostering a deeper connection with the outdoors. Mineral shades, mossy greens, and raw textures emerged as key elements, sowing the seeds of elegance throughout the year. This transformative trend speaks to a collective desire to integrate nature into our spaces, with indoor plants and terrace gardens playing pivotal roles. These changes reflect a broader cultural shift, where the aesthetics of 2023 became synonymous with creating a more profound and authentic bond with the natural world.



Curved Designs: Your Artistic Expressions Amplified


2023 was certainly a year of artistry. Even in home decor, a celebration of artistry and the idea of home as an extension of our artistic expression took centre stage. This gave rise to curved designs, a trend that was reflected in our interiors as well. A huge hit this year, this harmonious blend of aesthetics and innovation was in great demand. Unlocking a realm of unique furniture designs and flexible plywood, it celebrated our innate artistic inclinations.



Minimalism: A Broader Stylistic Canvas Made up of Plywood


As 2023 unfolds, minimalism has come about a transformative wave in home design. It’s emerged as more than a trend, becoming a symbol of conscious living. It’s shifted from a focus on simplicity and utility to a broader stylistic canvas.

In a year where mindfulness about our impact on the planet took centre stage, the minimalist movement gained momentum, transforming spaces into reflections of purpose and sustainability. Welcome to a new era where every design decision in 2023 speaks volumes about conscious choices and a commitment to a better, clutter-free future.



Making Statements That Take Us Back To Our Roots


Mid-century modern and Art Deco styles are making a major comeback, gracefully blending the past with the present. The nostalgic charm of furniture embodying these styles not only adds a touch of vintage allure but also serves as a delightful homage to our Indian heritage. Whether it's the warmth of wood accent walls or the inviting embrace of vintage Indian-style armchairs, each piece rekindles our connection to cultural values. Consider these additions not just as furniture but as cherished narratives, seamlessly weaving tradition into the very fabric of your living area or verandah.


The Best Furniture is Sustainable: Zero Emission Plywood Trends in 2023




In 2023, heightened environmental awareness drove a significant shift towards sustainable living. The focus on sustainable products in home building and design was evident. From paints to plywood, homeowners choose sustainable and emission-free products, which are good for their health as well as the environment's health. 

As one of India’s leading Interior Infrastructure brands, Greenply also focuses on its diverse range of Zero Emission (E-0) products -  plywood, MDF, blockboards, wood veneers and doors. They not only meet international standards like CARB & EPA but also align seamlessly with evolving consumer values. This commitment reflects our dedication to superior quality and echoes the preferences of conscious consumers steering towards a safer, greener planet. 

We are hoping that 2024  brings sustainable, environment-first and eco-friendly trends further to the mainstream.

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